Do My Kids Hear Joy in the Lifestyle We Have Chosen ?

I came across this question on another blog this morning and it’s something I have really been pondering today….

It’s good advice. Great advice really.

How can we expect them to love this life we lead, if we lead it always grumbling and complaining? If it is all something to check off of our list of daily “to-do’s…”

And I admit it, if you have been reading lately, we are struggling a bit right now. The passion is waning; the time I put into this ~ our own homeschooling days just aren’t so full of joy. In fact, I’ve been feeling sort of burnt out on the whole homeschooling thing. There are days I really do want to toss my kids on a bus to someone else.

But then ….


I am being selfish. It is not about me. It has not been since my first son was born 9 years ago. I need to remember to focus – my perspective is not what it should be. True I am no longer travelling about the world; true writing and reading lazily all day long do not happen as often as they once did. My home is not perfetly neat and tidy all the time. There is very little quiet time and my thoughts are usually interrputed (when they aren’t  its dangerous…lol)


But I have been so very blessed in the exchange that has taken place in the years that have past. I have a wonderful and very loving family; sure they are loud and rambunctious. They are happy; they are healthy. We have a wonderful fixer upper house that we are slowly expanding. I have a garden to tend; a husband who spoils me in so many little ways. We have a safe, busy home. And we have salvation. How much more important is eternity?


As I have been praying and pondering the year to come, I know that we need to make some changes in how we do things. We need to be wiser with our time. We do need to be more active. We need to be better stewards of our time; engage in more of those things we want to experience and explore. Together. I need to dust off my sewing machine and begin again. With more patience when I have three children hovering about me as I try to figure it all out. We can knit and crochet together. We can paint and draw and color and bake – Together. We can slow down. We can open our eyes a bit more and see those opportunities all about us for learning and growing and enjoying one another.


Some things will have to wait. Perhaps I will not see the other side of the world again in this life. I can consider myself blessed for having had those opportunities when I did. It’s all about our perspective. I have been blessed beyond belief – it may not look as I think sometimes it should – but don’t the scriptures tell us, His ways and His understanding, it is so much greater than we could ever imagine. And again and again I trust Him because it all these years there has been no doubt that His hand has been upon us – He has provided every need. God is good. ❤


As for homeshooling – its about being together. Its about training up a child in His way and His word, pointing them to the Lord in all seasons.  Its about seeing Jesus in everything. Our children need to know that He is at the center of it all. I don’t want my children to look back one day and see our home education as something that we did, so much as something we lived and loved. Something that confirmed for them, that He made ALL things, loves ALL things – I want them to know that God was (not a part) but the focus of all we did. Because we love Him so much and we believe every word we read in our Bible.


What does it matter after all if we gain the whole wordl but we lose our soul? I remind myself today: What does it matter if my children grow to be rich, if they grow to be great and famous men and women – but their soul is lost?





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