La La Logic ~ A Schoolhouse Review

My daughter, who is three, starts every day asking if she can do her “school”.  She is excited and eager and has tons of fun learning and playing. What is this you ask?  It’s an amazing Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic,  I had been looking for something for my younger children (they are 3 and 5) but I had no idea when I signed on to review this one that it would be such a big hit with all of my kids!



This is an awesome program both online and offline.  There are 100 weeks of material, as well as printables to go along with each week’s activities.

This material is recommended for ages 3-6, and its a great way to introduce basic skills and computer usage to our younger children I think.  As a bonus I also was able to use some of this curriculum with my nine year old son.  Even he thought this program was awesome. 🙂

This program also comes with a weekly schedule, so there is no need to plan as you go; no fuss and no mess. Its just ready to go! (with a brand new baby in the house, I can really appreciate that too!)


When you begin on Day One there is a Brain Challenge (my daughter needed some assistance with this, my 5 year old son was a whiz at this) and they include the option for extra practice.  The Brain Challenge is the online portion of the La La Logic curriculum which consists of about 5-10 minutes of games/puzzles all done on the computer (we did this on our iPad a few times too).  These activities range from matching letters or pictures to figuring out greater numbers, patterns, listening exercises, completing puzzles/matching missing pieces, and lots more fun stuff! There is also a portion of the program you can choose to allow for extra practice choosing specific types of activities to strengthen skills as you see the need.  This is called the  Brain Challenge can also be played on continuous mode; we accidentally


On Day Two there are a number of enrichment activities that you can print out and complete.  These vary from matching games, to sorting items into categories; there are math activities, stories to read, nature study activities and copy work. For example, one day the activity was to “paint a picture with words” (picture study).  This was great for my older son especially (even though he is 9) since he struggles with attention, and focus.  What a great way to encourage them to be a bit more “into the little details” of things.  Of course there are many others activities too.  This program has such a great variety of activities; my kids loved every one of them! Especially ones where they got to color and cut and paste. Nothing better than that right?


On Day Three  we complete the Brain Challenge again along with a worksheet where they are asked to match seashells or (one of my five year old’s favorites) draw paths connecting the houses to see if you can travel between them using one single path.  These worksheets are a great asset to building up their fine motor skills, critical thinking, social/emotional, and even their verbal skills as many of these also have questions for discussion you can use.  My kids especially loved the various puzzles! (and I admit I found many of them quite fun myself) 🙂



On Day Four there is a review of the second day’s activities. One such activity had us playing a math game where we had to take out a variety of small objects and have the child count out a certain number of them.  We arranged the items into different shapes; we used anywhere from 5 to 15 objects and played “magic tricks” to rearrange them, mix up the number of objects used – With my two older son’s we even turned this into basic math skill practice (addition and subtraction mostly).  In some cases we used them to measure various objects about the house – “how many beans is the paper, the book, the fish…”  We also had fun doing different experiments to see using different shapes and sizes, which has the most water (we also used some rice, sand, etc).  Messy but fun activity that we all enjoyed!


On Day Five we completed the Brain Challenge again; I tell you these never get old.  My kids could do this one all day every day if I let them. Then its time for a Family Fun activity. I think my kids really looked forward to this since we typically allowed them to choose.  They were given the choice of various crafts/art activities, card games and board games. My boys absolutely love games like Spot It and Cribbage and Risk so often this was their choice of activity.

I really appreciate too how easy it is to include, even my oldest son, in the days activities.  Some of the stories especially.  It created a whole family gentle learning experience that is one of my ideals for my homeschool.

My five year old (in typical boy fashion) usually hates to sit in front of a worksheet, but there’s so little paper work, even if you’re using some optional written suggestions in the enrichment activities, that he doesn’t complain about the work load with this.  It’s a very gentle curriculum and it’s perfect for short, preschooler attention spans.


We really do enjoy this program.  All of us, from the youngest (our new addition who is only a few days old, to my oldest son who is 9).  I love the combination of online activities which are so fun and engaging easy, while also being educational and offering a little by little challenge as you go along through the program.  As I said before my 3 year old daughter and my five year old son just love playing this; the brain challenge is one of their favorite things to do each day.

I especially love the enrichment activities that are presented for each week.  We love the games and the puzzles especially but I also like how there are built in picture studies and unit studies within this program as well.  These are great introductions to art and poetry/short stories for all ages.  This is such a flexible program too; an excellent one to use for a more relaxed and gentle learning approach.


Do keep in mind however this is not really a stand alone program.  This is not meant for teaching letters or numbers beyond the number 10.  In some activities they will be asked to sort letters like M from N or W from M but this is solely a visual exercise.  However we continue to use a phonics program, alongside this one, for reading with our 5 year old son. There are additional activities that are listed, for those who may need a bit more of a challenge, but this will not teach reading in and of itself.  However it will begin to foster a great love for learning and we all want that right? 🙂


If you aren’t sure by all means, give it a try. You can sign up for a free trial or buy your lifetime membership, for siblings too, and see how fun La La Logic really is!  This is amazing, a really great way to not just encourage a love of learning in your children but give them a solid foundation in a way that is fun for everyone!


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La La Logic Review


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