Let it Be Jesus (Christy Nockels) Review

Let it Be Jesus

Let it Be Jesus was just released recentlyand it is truly as amazing as I expected it to be.


I stumbled across Christy Nockels  fairly recently and just absolutely loved her music. Having studied music for many years of my life (I once had hopes of Julliard and being a lead flautist in the London Philharmonic hehe)  I am pretty particular about the music I listen to.  Some have called me a snob even! 😛


It’s a given, and should not need to be said I am sure, but this…it’s all about Jesus.  These songs; they give you pause, they make you consider and desire more and more a greater relationship with Jesus; they define, gently, who and what He is and ought to be, to us, in our life.  On this album are the following tracks:

Freedom Song
My Anchor
Everything is Mine in You
The Wondrous Cross
Let it Be Jesus
Who Can Compare?
Jesus, Rock of Ages
If You Never
Leaning on You, Jesus
Find Me at the Feet of Jesus
Wonderful Name


These eleven songs total approximately sixty minutes of play time and are so very powerful.  These are full of lyrics that are meaningful.  These help us remember to keep our focus on the One that matters most of all.   This is not too much; it doesn’t distract you from the purpose of worship; too often I find myself listening to worship music that reminds me more of a rock concert and feels more entertaining, that spiritual.  I do love to hear music though that feels and encourages a deeper level of worship for are we not all called to worship in Spirit and in Truth?  This does not distract from that calling we are given, not at all.


I can honestly say that our family has been very blessed by this music thus far; my daughter, who is three, sings along to a few of these (her favorite for now is Jesus, Rock of Ages) but it is beautiful to see and hear my children singing and dancing to these songs about the house.  All for Jesus! ❤


You can follow Christy on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram, and buy the album on iTunes.


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