Prepare – Be Ready

God is so good!

This week has been such a challenge; a test of our faith. An opportunity to exercise the trust we say we have in the Lord. A reminder that our days are as a vapor – that life, here in this world, is not what matters most. Focus on eternity. Focus on Jesus.


What can we do, what works can we work for Him in these last days? Time is short – we must be wise, good stewards of the time He gives to us. Tomorrow is not promised.


I have thought a lot about that this past week – what shall I leave behind?  What am I doing for Him?


We had an amazing weekend in the House of God. We were so very blessed by a  visiting evangelist Brother John Arcovio, an amazing Spirit Filled man of God with such wisdom and vision from God! A prophet if you will; I have met few who seem to truly have such an amazing connection to our Lord and Savior. Certainly God works through this humble man.  I have no doubt.


He spoke of a prophecy; that there is a “Military Assignment”  appointed for America, to be held on American soil.  War will break out…God is coming against America. It is time to prepare ourselves for a great shaking and for a great revival. There will many who WILL turn to Him in these times that are to come. But we need to prepare ourselves for the shaking that is to come and to receive those who will be seeking.  Can we hear His voice? Will we stand and be obedient to Him?  How we need to have a firm foundation to stand upon.  Let us prepare now.


Be ready.


And my family received a Word from the Lord from Brother Arcovio as well.  It was a reminder that He is with us and that although things have been in a standstill for so long; though it seems we haven’t moved, we need to prepare to move.  Because things are very soon going to change for us.  He has not forgotten or forsaken us; it has simply been a season in which we needed to show ourselves strong. We needed to continue to stand, believing and walking in faith.  He works behind the scenes – we may not see but He works – for us, and for His glory.  We were reminded not to worry about the issues within family; we were reminded that it is His plan and His will that really matters and that He has so much more for us.  We cannot concern ourselves with the things of the world; we just focus on Him. Focus on His Kingdom and all that He has for us in eternity.


It is so reassuring in these recent days when things have been so very turbulent. Between our precious new baby born joy and my husbands sudden heart problems that we are unable to get any answers for (other than that they need to see the episode in action to determine a course of treatment) and my husbands parents coming to visit (my mother in law; we pray for her, such bitterness and sorrow in her, not right for a child of the King) its been challenging to stand.  And yet we stand by his strength and power, we stand in faith, believing and trusting Him in ALL things.
I am excited to see how this all comes together.  It brings a peace about me like no other; His presence and His word all that we need!



How precious, and powerful ~ hiding that Word, that message He had for us, in our hearts and minds. We shall not be shaken!  We will wait upon the Lord; He will renew our strength.  And we will rejoice in the Lord and every day that He blesses us with. For whatever comes our way; whatever He has for us, we shall praise Him.  ❤



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