Thankful Thursday

It’s been a frustrating week or so for us; things just don’t seem to be going my way… I have to remember though in times like this, perhaps they’re not going my way because my way isn’t the best way; maybe they’re going GOD’S way.”  We all know that HE knows better than we ever could!


It’s a great reminder to find the good in everything – even the days when it seems like everything is going wrong.  This week I’m thankful for:


One thing I am just giddy about is the possibility of there being an actual homeschool co-op in our church.  I know a handful of ladies who inquired with me about this while I was still sick and pregnant (haha) and recently there is potential for two more sweet ladies and their darling children.  I have prayed and hoped for this opportunity for some time now and so I am excited.  My husband is happy to make some fun fliers for us to share with the body and we will see who else may be interested.  Starting slowly and starting small but my hope is great that God is in this and it will be great!


I sit, looking out the window this morning; all the rain we are getting lately, we have tulips coming up and our rose bushes and apple trees and berry plants  are all showing buds… Signs of life …. I love seeing things like that…amazing!
This reminds me of a sermon I heard recently that spoke to life being breathed into what was dead. As I see all of these things that seemed to be dead, gone forever, they are blooming and coming to life.  How I pray for life to be continually breathed into those in need of a refreshing, pouring out as never before.
I am grateful for children who are curious and eager to learn.  I love to see the excitement on their faces when they learn something new; to se them learning how to find the answers and how to help one another, working together, for answers to questions. And even just for fun and silly play 🙂
I am so very blessed.  My three children are excited and in love with their new baby sister. Eager to hold her and rock her so momma can have a shower or make a meal for everyone.  They consider themselves blessed to get the diapers, to show her their books and (my daughter) share ponies and dolls with her. The joy they get from these simple little things they do, it amkes me smile.  It makes this tired momma not so tired. Its invigorating! ❤
And I am so blessed in our little home.  No matter the things that need fixing, the paint that needs to be touched up; it is a home full of love. And granted it gets pretty loud and crazy at times but we are learning and living and growing together.  Its all a part of His plan for us; to learn and live for Him.
We are thankful for all those too who walk with us.  In our imperfections; in our good days and bad – Blessed are we and Blessed is the name of the Lord!


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. That’s great about a co-op! Best wishes to you guys and hope you have many days of fun and learning together. Thanks for linking up at Our Journey!

    1. Thank you!! I am excited to see this slowly coming together!! I am so nervous too though since I am not one who really takes to leadership roles but when called, He shall equip us right? Thankfully I have a dear Sister in the church happy to be my Aaron too hehe Will be sure to post more about this as it develops ❤

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