S is for Smiling Sunrise {A Schoolhouse Review}

We love to read. I have two little ones, ages 5 and 3, who are currently learning their ABC’s and cannot wait to be able to read.  For that reason I am always keeping my eyes peeled for fun ways to help them learn.  So when I had the chance to review S is for Smiling Sunrise from WordsBright, we were all pretty excited to try this one out.



S is for Smiling Sunrise  is “an alphabet book of goodness, beauty, and wonder.”  Written by Vick Wadhwa who was inspired by his daughter to write this book; it is intended to be the first in a series. He wrote this book as a way for young learners (Pre-K-3) to learn their alphabet in a fun way. He focuses on “Goodness, Beauty, and Wonder” as the themes for the book. The goal of this book being to teach children to see the bright, beautiful and virtuous in things.  So the alphabet is expressed as “A is for Artwork,” “H is for heart,” “Q for Quiet Times,” and “W is for words.”  We especially love the pictures within the book; every page is so colorful, eye catching and bright!


I also received a few resources for use with this book which are free on their website as well:


  • a downloadable MP3 version of a song that goes through the entire book and all the rhymes (due to issues with the Mac we were unable to download this one  )
  • a teacher’s guide for Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • a teacher’s guide with simple questions and activities for Kindergarten to 3rd grade


These are truly valuable for use with our children as we read and learn together!



This is a wonderful way to learn together; this not only teaches but also reinforces the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. I love especially how this helps to teach comprehension, really expands their vocabulary, helps to build strong character and includes rhymes that are fun and easy to remember  too (my kids ALL love to sing)!


The K-3 Teacher’s Guide is one page, and contains lots of great ideas for expanding the possibilities within this book.  For example, there are questions for discussion such as:

  • What is the difference between good and bad behavior?
  • Is beauty on the outside or also on the inside?
  • What makes you feel wonderful and why?


There are also suggestions for rhyming activities for each page.  My daughter’s favorite was I is for Infant (since she recently became a big sister)


i infant


The teacher’s guide shares concepts to learn from this page specifically, such as growth over time (sapling to tree, baby to adult) as well as vocabulary words to be learned, planting seeds to show growth as time progresses, and ways to discuss possibilities for growth from physical to spiritual and mental/emotional in every one of us.


For those of us teaching Pre-K they encourage you to begin by teaching headline words and perhaps counting the objects on a page; discussion is encouraged in regards to the illustrations (my kiddos talk a lot when we read; lots of questions and observations – oh my are they on top of things! lol).  My son, who is five, likes to try to read as many of the words as possible within the rhymes and even singing them around the house with his brother and sister. My daughter on the other hand, who is three, loves to talk about the illustrations, and count the butterflies and flowers.  We even discussed what lives in the ocean, the difference in leaves on plants and trees and rose bushes outside.


There is so much you can do with this little book.  I am amazed, I have to say, at all the fun we have had (and continue to have, with just 32 pages.


I cannot wait to see what comes next  ❤



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