Wisdom is a Woman: Exploring the Wisdom of God

I was rather unsure of this one when I had the opportunity to review this book.  The title struck me as unique; I have always enjoyed studying the women of the Bible.  I always seek to learn and grow Biblically as a woman, however this was a surprise, for me.


It was a struggle to read through Wisdom is a Woman,  as I was unable to get past the title and  the content which seemed to be in disagreement with one another. What I expected was a book teaching on Biblical womanhood- perhaps sharing the various contributions of women in the Bible and what I actually read within these pages was more of a discussion of womens’ “issues”.


“Interestingly, the most thorough account of biblical womanhood is found in the final twenty-one verses of the book of Proverbs. These ending verses of chapter 31 appear to be a tribute to a virtuous and capable wife.” (ebook page 123 & 362)


I admit there were moments within that did pique my curiosity such as in the very beginning where I read:


Can you name the apostle Peter’s wife? What do we know of the domestic life of the prophet Isaiah? His wife was a prophetess in her own right, but what was her name? (Heidi Lee. Wisdom is a Woman (Kindle Locations 139-140).)


But I have to admit, its hard to find the words to express my disdain at this book.  I do so love to read and it is so rare that I come across material that almost instantly turns me off but this was truly a difficult rad for me. And I am sad that this is seen as a reference to the bible, while also seeming so disdainful and negative towards many of the Words of God written within.





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