Too Much

We give the Devil way too much credit.  In a recent conversation the topic of men and long hair came up. Now I know what my Bible says; I was simply sharing how His Word tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:14:  Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?


Her husband has long hair – she instantly determined that I had said he was going to hell and proceeded to let me know that I am doing the devil’s work by speaking these things….


I am all too familiar with sharing His Word and being told I am judgmental, or holier than thou – I learned a long time ago to brush it off – if they are words from the Bible itself, it is not me that offends, but His word itself. I remind myself often, I can only deliver His truth to those who are willing. I cannot save, He does that.


Its a heart thing. We can love Him and read and pray and worship and still be missing so much.


We can even get to that place where we have been in this thing for so long we don’t think anyone can tell us anything.  And that is a very dangerous place to be.


We are okay with knowing that some things we will never get.  I love to “know it all”and so I never will; this is a blessing.  My husband telling me we will never be rich – God won’t allow it – He knows we would blow it.  Too much money, and we would vacation; I would visit family and friends overseas so much more. I would rad more; we would eat out more. We would mess it up. God blesses us so often by not giving us those things we want. He knows what is best.


We need to accept that His Word is given us for that same reason. It directs us and guides us. He created this world, you and me. He created it all. And there is a way that He has for every one of  us.  I know many who think it goes too far when someone says there is a way we are to dress, specific attire we ought to wear; cut hair for men and uncut hair for women. No make up or flashy jewelry. Keep it simple, modest, in all ways. Why is it wrong to think there is a way He wants us to look?


We ARE the temple of God when we are born again, baptized in Jesus name and filled with His Spirit…. He was pretty particular about how that Tabernacle was to be? Down to  every detail no matter how minor we thought it may be. We are today, that Tabernacle. We are His – not our own. I admit I find that quite a blessing in and of itself. 🙂


Yet if we seek to share these truths; if we broach the idea to another – why do so many immediately say its the devil working through us? Simply because they do not like what they hear? We need to be open, we need to be willing to consider these things, seeking His truth in His word.



Yet it is so much easier for us to blame the Devil for the realities of being sinful creatures living in a broken world than to step outside of our comfort zone; to REALLY seek Him – to humble ourselves and listen for His still, small voice, that guides us into the way He created for us to live ~


It saddens me that so many are so lost – that so many refuse to hear and obey –


We are His creation, He created us to be exactly as we were meant to be – yet we think we know better and so we fight and struggle against what is best for us simply because we do not understand it – because it seems foolish –


Yet this is exactly what he uses to bring us to Him – and so many are confounded, offended, by the foolish things, but He is bringing those who are eager, teachable, humble and desperate for Him, into His fold using these very same things….


I remember how ridiculous I thought so much of what and how I live today was, so long ago, it was offensive that I should have to do anything at all .. After all God is love and He loves me and He died for me. But how sad is that if He died, if He was ridiculed and flogged and scoured, beaten and mocked – All so that I can do whatever I like and still inherit the Kingdom of God? Seems like a  great waste – seems to me a huge tragedy….


There is a way that is right … We will seem peculiar and strange but our obedience, our desire to please our Lord and Saviour  – blesses us again and again.



I once was lost but now am found; was blind but now I see….Blessed be those who hear and obey. heart emoticon                 


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