Motivate Your Child Action Plan ~ Review

Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller are the founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. The NCBP’s mission is to Parent the Heart of the child.  National Center for Biblical Parenting also covers topics like: ADHD, Anger, Defiance, Sexuality, Conflict and lots more!  Previously I had been blessed with being a part of the launch team for the book Motivate Your Child. You can read my review here.  This was just what I needed for my oldest son. And so, when I had the opportunity to review the Motivate Your Child Action Plan by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, I knew that this was exactly what I needed to go back and review all I had learned. It was time, and now I had no excuse, to put sso many of the things I learned in their earlier book, into action.



Motivate Your Child Action Plan consists of 12 chapter, consier it as a 40 day plan, to help you identify specific character issues that your children struggle with and then, to come up with an action plan. As you move forwad, you build a strength into your child from those very things that have been such a thorn in your side (and theirs too).  With the book you will also receive a link to 12 audio sessions you can download that have Turansky and Miller explaining and exploring, even deeper,  the concepts in each chapter of this book.  I think of this as a way of having my own “mentor” walking alongside me while I read and pray on the plan for our family.

Some of the topics within this book you will go over are:

  • Seeing change in 40 days – Its all about a good, firm foundation (theology) and then a consistent strategy/technique
  • Determining where you want to go – Identify the problem – envision the solution.  This is a time of truth. Make your list of the area(s) that need growth; define the character trait that goes along with each one. As you go along, celebrate every sign of success big or small!
  • Creating a map to get where you want to go – Don’t focus on where you are but where you want to be. The moment matters.
  • A place for firmness – The caterpillar to a butterfly does require struggles.
  • Vision turns common people into heroes. We cannot simply react to a problem.  Vision focus on the solution.
  • Teaching shows the way – Do they see, do we, that God is at work in our life?  Learn how to apply biblical techniques, teach our children how to do the same.
  • Spiritual energy provides strength
  • Coaching – Encourage you children to figure out those problems. Become part of the solution; forget the rules and start to think strategy.
  • Building motivation from within – Good habits + cultivating a good conscience + building character = desire/motivation needed.
  • Growing together (if we do not change, neither can they!) Kids need discipline to build self-discipline.Its a relationship thing; that relational time is not optional.  We must have it if we want this thing to be successful.


We have really found ourselves struggling with our oldet son as he has gotten older. Yet the wisdom within Motivate Your Child, and the additional Motivate Your Child Action Plan, gives me hope. This really helped to remind me, and focus myself, on the goals for our family and how we can get there. This is truly a blessing; heart parenting truly can help us to raise our children to be inspired and guided towards the great plans God has for them as they discover life.


“Use firmness, visioning, teaching, prayer, & coaching to move your child from where he is today, to where he needs to go.”


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“A character quality is a pattern of thinking and acting in response to a challenge.”

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