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I always love to read the blogs of people who share what they are reading. Or what is on their list of books to read. And I have shared here, a few times, what I am reading.

So as I was reading up on how to start a co-op the other day, I saw a post that seemed like so much fun. A book club for kids.  But our kids are all so small. 😦

If you don’t know, I have two boys, ages 9 and 5, and two girls who are 3 and 1 month.

My oldest s a very reluctant reader. He does not like to read. My little ones love books. I love books.

So we do a lot of reading aloud – me reading – them listening while they build with legos or color or draw….

But I thought it might be fun to share (please link up!)  what our kids are reading, or having read to them ! 🙂

My oldest, as I said is a very reluctant reader.  Being an avid reader myself we have lots of books in this house and we still visit the library quite regularly too (the librarians just love my oldest how he chats with them while we are there) but he does not choose to read.  He has to be “pushed” to pick up a book and read.

  So what are my kiddos enjoying in the way of literature right now?

My oldest son is enjoying (mostly being read to) D’Aulaire’s Book of Norse Myths.  I got the idea to start with this one after he became so interested in vikings not long ago (think you Marvel and Thor).  I really loved mythology when I was growing up and certainly I am seeing, as we read these, my children become more interested and involved in books. I love too that I can hear them re-enacting some of these – my own Odin and Loki – my daughter is captivated by Freya and Skade the Ski goddess too.  The illustrations are very colorful and captivating for little eyes and the stories are short and fun to read. It is great how this encourages my oldest son to dig a bit deeper in some cases, to learn more about the stories that really peak his interest.

On his own he is reading Minecraft: Diary of a Little Bat.  He has recently become quite fond of Minecraft, and seems to be bringing his little brother along with him, in this newfound love of his.  So while I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of reading, it seems to be engaging him. For now I want to encourage independent reading as I can. Within reason of course. Its an easy read, short too, so it doesn’t overwhelm him. I am waiting for him to finish this one and give me a little book report 🙂

We are also reading, at bedtime and mostly with daddy, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. We just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  How fun are these books?  I mean the movies are good but these are just SO much better. The books are always better I think. And I have such fond memories of these from my childhood too. My kids love all the details of the chocolate factory; the candies and the Oompa Loompa’s.  We love the character lessons that can be taught as you meet each of the children who are vying for the one spot – its so powerful I think, to learn the value of good character in this way. This is a must read for every family if you ask me!

Biff and Becka’s Stupendous Vacation is an awesomely fun read for starting out our summer as a family. We all anticipate family vacations with lots of excitement but what about when things take an unexpected turn? How do we deal with disappointment?  In a way that shows Godly examples in the home as well as ways to encourage and guide your children.  This is full of lots of fun twists and turns while also teaching children about the way to live in the midst of trials, according to the Bible itself.  This book was quite surprising with the depth of its story. The values taught within this book are simply taught in a way that children can understand and relate too. This is also a good book for early readers.

With my younger son, he recently got a copy of The Behemoth Dinosaur in the Land of Uz which is meant to be a simple story, showing the importance of sharing.  The behemoth is named Dippy, my son loved that, who has a friend named Job. This is a cute, very simple, child like book.  The illustrations look like something a child would draw (which can be endearing to a child of course)  but I personally struggled reading this due to some grammar issues and a very slow paced story.  Of course I was just glad this was something my son enjoyed; it does have a very good lesson within it. But again, for us mommas, it may be a bit harder to really enjoy.  Great idea though; maybe they need to take two. 😛

My daughter recently received a copy of the Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Book from BookLook for a fun review.  This is such a cute book, and there are a couple of these it turns out, all teaching different virtues to our little girls in such a fun way!  There is Princess Hope Sticker and Activity Book, Princess Charity Sticker and Activity Book, Princess Grace Sticker and Activity Book & Princess Faith Sticker and Activity Book.   These are all a part of the Princess Parables and if your little girl is anything like mine, princesses are quite popular! These have 16 pages that are full of fun puzzles, activity pages, and 50 colorful and reusable stickers!  What little girl wouldn’t love that? There is even a bunny, named Buttercup. Some of the activities were a bit hard for my daughter, she is almost four, but regardless she was tickled pink with the simple story, while I loved that it was a great way to encourage and develop these important virtues within our girls from an early age.

The Rainbow Egg is a fun story about Hope a chicken who lives in the woods with friends, not other chickens either. She is happy, until she finds suddenly comes upon an egg and needs to find someone to help her care for it. She meets a guardian red bird who leads her to a chicken house full of other families of chickens and there she finds a most precious gift. Certainly she faces challenges there too but her ability to overcome is shown in this story. This is a lovely book, colorfully illustrated, giving precious new understanding to what adoption means. And excellent lessons for those who just sometimes feel they do not belong, even if they are not one that has been adopted per se. A great story to remind us of love and acceptance in life and the value of family 🙂


I love how my son can study a bit, on his own, with the Believe, Kids Edition: Think, At, Be Like Jesus.  I tend to be very wary of my son reading anything except the Bible itself however (with KJV at hand) this book has been a lesson in doctrine for our family! As you read, this book helps guide you in understanding of the core beliefs, practices, and characteristics of Jesus-followers so that you understand what it LOOKS like to be a follower of Christ. Its about more than just reading the Word right? There are three aspects to the journey bring kids that much closer to the heart of Jesus and helping them understand the depth of the scriptures and how they apply to their life. There were some doctrinal “errors” within that we had to work around (such as the lack of teaching on the Oneness of God; this speaks of the Trinity….but we all know God is ONE right?) Other details also were able to be used to help my son see and understand what it means o search the scriptures. I wish I could recommend this one but I do encourage you all, when it comes to your faith, to study His Word for yourself.  There are so many wonderful tools out there for our children if we use them wisely they can be a great blessing to us ~ Know what our children read and help them to see the difference between the truth of the word and the truth of man’s word. 🙂



SO what are your kids reading? What are you reading with them?

Consider linking up to share all the fun reads.  My list of books to read isn’t quite long enough yet 😛


2 thoughts on “Kids Are Reading

  1. I’m reading Mary Hood’s “The Joyful Homeschooler,” and I’m reading “Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch” by Susan K. Marlow to my elementary aged kids. My preschoolers are doing a “Mouse Paint” unit study right now.

    1. I am reading Tales from the Circle K Ranch too. Just didn’t want to put it in since its a crew review book. I am loving her books! My daughter too; my boys are off and on (of course). I have been meaning to check out Mary Hood’s books. Get those on my ever growing list! LOL

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