Planning for Meal Planning

Meal time is coming…..I am in a total panic….. All the time it seems !


I know that its a good, smart thing to do (meal planning) but honestly, does anyone else struggle with sticking with it?  Or even getting started for that matter?


So I have to remind myself when – with a new baby at home, planning a homeschool co-op for our church, homeschooling my own children, and home making and keeping tasks of mine own overwhelm me – the  benefits of meal planning.  This makes meal time run smoother, we eat much healthier, less stress on momma and I can really save some money at the grocery store (even though it doesn’t usually feel like I am).


It is said that it takes about 21 days to make a new habit stick. If that is true, I wonder if it won’t take more time for this to stick when we are planning a meal once a week or once a month.  Any experience with this yourself, do share!


I adit, I don’t like the actual part where I have to sit down and figure out what to eat.  That part of menu planning is no fun if you ask me, but it has to be done.  I like to enlist my kids; they think its actually lots of fun to look through all of the THM Pinterest Boards, and random cookbooks in the house, and pick things they would like to try.  My oldest son even has his own; Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls (I grew up with this one myself).





Since I have been wanting to try out Trim Healthy Mama (knowing so many ladies who love this!) I figured now was as good a time as any to get started. Even though I tend to prefer living life in a more relaxed, ‘creative’ way, and I avoid schedules as much as I can I also know that so many days, the hours fly by and I need to have SOME sort of plan so we aren’t eating junk,  So I am not all stressed out and in a panic.  And I can always swap one days recipe for another if I feel a need to mix things up a bit!




Cheese Omelet (THM p. 219)

Oopsie Roll Sandwiches (THM p. 268)

Taco Salad (THM p. 347)




Sweet Cinnamon Quinoa (THM p. 227)

Tuscany in a Bowl (THM p. 288)

Alfredo Beef & Broccoli (THM p. 340)




Basic Whey Smoothie (THM pg. 243)

Waldorf CottageCheese Salad (THM p. 300)

Spaghetti with Spaghetti Squash Noodles (THM p. 356)




Old Fashioned Oats (THM p. 228)

Loaded Fotato Soup (THM p. 294

Coconut Crusted Chicken (THM p. 322) Spinach Casserole (THM p. 358)



Chocolate Decadence (THM p. 245)

Grilled Salmon & Salad (THM p. 284)

Pizza Casserole (THM p. 327)



Sprouted French Toast (THM p. 329)

Scrumptilicious Sammie Eggplant (THM p. 298)

Creamy Mushroom Pasta (THM p. 351)




Greek Pudding (THM p. 251)

Deli Meat Roll-Ups (THM p. 299)

Beef Burger Night

(THM p.339)




So what’s going on in your kitchen this week? Share your favorite recipes or tips for meal planning you have found helpful!


And if you care to, do come link up with us 🙂





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