JazzEdge ~ Easy Piano Basics ~ A Schoolhouse Review

Music has always been great passion of mine. My oldest son has quite a love for music as well! He is currently learning guitar and last year we were blessed to review HomeSchoolPiano.  Now, I have three children, ages 9, 5 and 3 who love to sing and dance. We are big on music in this house. Since we have an electric keyboard in our house we are always on the lookout for something that will help us better learn to play.  The little ones too.  So when I saw the chance to review the Easy Piano Basics program from, JazzEdge, we were all pretty excited. I received access to a lifetime subscription of lessons with this review. Talk about a blessing to our growing family!
So what is Easy Piano Basics?


Easy Piano Basics is a step-by-step program that teaches beginners how to play the piano, online. The course is taught by the awesome, Willie Myette. The course has a total of 32 video lessons. In these lessons my youngest daughter learned wonderful techniques that began to help her become a beginning piano player. It is recommended to try to practice 5-10 minutes per day, 5 days a week. While, I would love to see my children practicing five times a week as suggested, I admit we have not been that faithful.  Mostly because of their age, I do not want to make music something they see as a chore. Instead I make sure the opportunity is present for them to practice each day and that a love of music will be stirred up within them. We do sit down together at least 2-3 times a week though to watch the lessons a bit, and even I try to follow along and learn. You can watch these online or you can download the lessons to your PC (that’s a huge perk if you ask me!).

Willie Myette is a Berklee College of Music major (I was super impressed just reading that alone!) with a focus on jazz but he is also quite skilled at and incorporates numerous other styles of music within all of his courses.
The benefits to the study of music are phenomenal.  Studies show that children who receive an education in music are generally more intelligent than those without any musical training. They do better in academics, music helps students to relieve stress,  it builds their self confidence, and really encourages creativity, self discipline and patience while also improving memory. Great brain exercise too.
This is an amazing program, whether you have never had a lesson before or whether you have just taken a break and need to refresh your memory.  This program will help you to develop a strong foundation in both reading music and playing the piano. You been at the very beginning with the Notes of the Piano; he then moves on to teaching Low and High Notes – one lesson building  upon the last.  The lessons themselves are short and simple to follow (as my oldest, who struggles with attention can attest to) ranging from 2-10 minutes in length.
From here we move on to lesson such as: the musical alphabet, finger numbers, the grab technique, how to sit at the piano skis and steps, time signatures….  So far, so good.  I admit we are all struggling a bit with syncing the fingers but we continue to practice, as often as we can.   It’s definitely tons of fun since all of us can do this together  Even my three year old sits for her music lesson. 🙂
Once you get to Lesson 8 you begin to learn how to read the musical notes.  This one we repeated a number of times; in fact we still review this regularly. I think its what we struggle with most right now.  I myself was amazed at how quickly it came back to me really. Its been so long since I have played ~ I guess its somewhat like riding a bike ~ Now if my fingers would remember! haha  I almost forgot to mention the sheet music, there are about 46 pages you can download. We printed ours, then laminated and bound them together.

My boys loved it once we got to Lesson 9; in it they learned their new favorite phrases “every good boy deserves fudge”, “FACE”, as a way to remember your place on the staff. Who doesn’t love fudge?  Willie really has an amazing way about him when it comes to teaching.

Right now you can get Easy Piano Basics for only $59.00  This is a one-time fee, no subscription, no need for renewal. There is a 30-Day, No Hassle Guarantee too.  So, if Easy Piano Basics is not right for you, contact them and get a full refund.
This is such an affordable program – for a lifetime subscription – Easy Piano Basics from JazzEdge is definitely worth purchasing if you have a mini mozart.  I do think we may, in time, consider the advanced course as well, PianoWithWillie, so that my children and I can continue learning and building on the foundation that was built with Easy Piano Basics. We are so very blessed to have been given the opportunity to review this program!  Thank you Willie!!! ❤
Curious? If you want to learn more read the reviews for his other courses:  PianoWithWillieDrumsWithWillie, and more reviews on Easy Piano Basics.
JazzEdge Review

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