Not Quite Planting Yet

It feels like forever ago, when I wrote about how I was preparing for my garden. Since then, my darling daughter has been born (loving baby snuggles and nursing once again!) and things have taken a turn of course in our home. My other three are thrilled to help out; they love being able to hold and rock the baby. I love how they love her!


Its left me with less energy and time though for things like gardening. Add to that some really yucky weather here in Wisconsin; nice and cold and wet. So it was ready, nicely weeded.  I was quite pleased with myself considering I was very pregnant at the time. And now I must prep a bit more before I can really get planting. As soon as it stops raining! lol


These weeds have grown back in…and there is this crazy leafy green stuff that I was sure I killed and dug out last year, that is back and bigger than before. I have no idea what it is or how to get rid of it for good. We also have some moss looking stuff growing up in the yard – crabgrass too – back to the drawing board.


Thus far I have sprayed a bunch with vinegar and dish soap and am seeing some wilting of these leaves but I need to do more. Before it gets bigger; before it chokes out everything around it (a couple rose bushes, some blackberry and raspberries that are growing around too). Need to manage this grass thats growing up suddenly as well – cannotvery well plant with all of this other stuff growing around it. Any ideas?


Right now I am planning to do all my planting next week, whatever day I can get things in. I have also determined to scale things back a bit this year. We will still plant those tomatoes because those are just yummy; I also want to plant a “salad bowl” that being some lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, some radishes too. My children desperately want to plant carrots so we are going to do some of those; we also are planting some beans, peppers and squash plants.


My younger son has plans for his very own peanut plant. We are going to keep it indoors and see how long we can manage it this way. He loves all things peanut and peanut butter. I admit that I do too!


I am also trying to grow potatoes – we are going to use a potato bag for the first time ever. Seems simple enough.   I hope.   








And there are our strawberry plants. We desperately need to move these so I am going to dig them up and I think, put them in a nice pot to continue growing. Only so much room in our garden and as I have not yet been able to manage the raspberry and blackberry bushes (which are taking over like mad – if only they showed many berries I would be more accepting of them), I need to open things up a bit more. I love this idea; maybe with a bigger basket, more decorative too?



I also would love to be able to get our herb garden done, although I am putting less pressure on myself for this one this year. Mostly because I found this wonderful, lovely idea for it that I really hope to use in the future (thank you to The Micro Gardener). But my husband started his MBA program recently and our time is so very limited right now. If I can though, where do you get a pallet from anyway?  This could be a fun project to do with the kids. Just not sure how I would manage it through the winter – Don’t want it to get wrecked with our crazy awful cold and snow here!




This seem like a bit much? Am I still overdoing it here? ha-ha

So all in all planting is not really going here but I have faith that  it will.  I will have time to have a fabulous garden, in Jesus name!  And yes I pray over my garden regularly, I need all the help I can get lately 🙂


Still considering….Should I try some fun fall gardening?





5 thoughts on “Not Quite Planting Yet

  1. I am so impressed with everything you’re doing with a new baby! And I think the pallet and the strawberry basket were adorable.

    Thank you so much for linking up! 🙂 –Melanie

  2. Can you just yank that thing up? We have some weed here that, if left to it’s own devices, gets really thorny. When I see them I put on gloves and yank!
    We usually do potatoes in bags very successfully. I can’t remember all the particulars but there’s lots of peat moss involved and 2 levels of planting.
    But I think you’ve got something better on your hands than gardening, a sweet baby 🙂
    Glad to see another Holy Ghost filled sista’! Praise the Lord 🙂
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. We yanked them all up last year or so we thought! They are just awful! I might head out to the local greenhouse this weekend and see if they can identify them and give me something more to go on. lol We will see how it goes with these potatoes too – I think I read that too – some serious planting – Wish I could find something see through like so the kids and I could see the process. hehe And yes this sweet baby – she is so very precious. I have to not put too much on my plate so I don’t miss my time with her.
      Praise the Lord! Holy Ghost sister ~ Such a blessing to be connecte dwith you! God is amazig ❤

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