As we wind down a bit, this time each year, I had my kids now and then: “I’m bored…”


it used to really bother me.  I would drop everything to help them find something to do.

But now?


I’m okay with them being bored.

In fact, I think they need to experience times of boredom. I was even more certain of this after I finished reading this article – I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical – in the Huff Post. Why do we so often buy into that lie that we need to make sure our kids are always busy and happy?

Perhaps they need to be bored; boredom gives them an opportunity…..


Boredom can encourage imagination and creativity; it builds tenacity and invention.  It makes us think; see things woman not otherwise see.

How many of us live with our kids in super scheduled busyness? As parents we feel the need to have our kids constantly involved and we feel terrible guilt if there is a moment in their life that is free– get them to the park, play dolls with them, tea parties – whatever we can do to keep them occupied.

We do all the thinking for them. They are not given a moment to determine for themselves what they ought to do. We take away opportunities for them to ponder their thoughts and explore their curiosities.

I want them to figure it out – to think for themselves. I want my children to not have to be told what to do but rather to be able to figure for themselves how to find that joy and how to manage those times of silence. We need to know how to be still too.


When it comes to work or play – be on the lookout for things that can be done -don’t rely on another telling you what to do and where to go – ask if you must be look around you and think first…What can I do now? What should I do next?

If we are never bored how will we ever learn to think in this way?


Don’t fill those empty moments for them but give them time and peace; surround them with those things that can inspire and encourage. Give them time to simply be. To explore and expand their minds ~ to be creative, to be children.


I admit it, I struggle myself with the idea of lazy days.  But I seek these days to become more okay with my children having space and time that is their own. I want them to learn and I want them to play. These two go together do they not?


Being bored isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Can we see boredom as exciting?


Perhaps this is one of the best things we can do for our children – the challenges that comes with it: decision making, managing your freedom, critical thinking, creation – with us her enough to observe, and guide. Inventors, writers artist…How many great and wise individuals would there be if they had not experienced a bit of boredom?


Begin to define boredom as opportunity. As experience.


Slow down – enjoy those moments and opportunities that are before you. Help your children have time to see and study the birds and the worms. Give them time  to watch and learn from the ants in the yard and see God’s creation all about them.

When you hear “I’m bored” this summer take joy in those simple little words. This is the time for lovely adventures, for inventions and creation. For chasing and exploring the butterflies and bugs and creating great stories and imaginings….

And there are always chores to be done….right? 😛


Let your children be bored!



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