CTC Math ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

We first reviewed CTC Math last year with my oldest son, using the 1st and 2nd grade levels of this program; you can read all about our experience here. This time round we are reviewing their 12-month family plan again, with my Kindergartener and my oldest who is now working at more of a 3rd and 4th grade level.



So what IS CTC Math?


It is an online complete math curriculum for grades K-6, which even has video tutorials, to help students along in their math.  Students have access to the whole program, so there’s you can work in a couple different levels if you need to.  CTC lessons can be completed on any computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet.


There is no placement test to determine grade level but each topic has two optional tests that can be taken to determine if those lessons are appropriate for your child. (my oldest son has mastered some topics in a couple grades; tis helps us figure out where to focus in our work too)  And they do not have to complete the whole program for a specific grade; I personally have mixed feelings about this but its mostly because of my struggles trying to keep my son on target at least in this subject.


The lessons consist of two parts: a video tutorial and a series of questions.  The tutorials cover everything you need to know to complete the topic being worked on.  You can skip the video and complete the questions if its an area where there is competency. And if it is an area they struggle with, you can go over the video and questions as many times as you need to, to have mastery of the subject at hand. That is a nice feature.


There is also  “Speed Skills.”  This is where my oldest liked to be; here they can practice or drill) math facts.  My oldest is very competitive (also a bit of a perfectionist) so he worked really hard, repeatedly, to beat the clock (60 seconds) every time he was in this part of the program.


The lessons themselves for Kindergarten through 6th grade, cover four topics:

  1. Numbers, Patterns, and Algebra
  2. Measurement
  3. Space and Geometry
  4. Statistics and Probability


There are multiple lessons within each of these topics; there is a lot to choose from in each grade as well as each of these topics. If I haven’t already said it, this program is every thorough!  As a parent, you are able to set the score your child needs to reach on each section in order for it to be considered complete.  Because my oldest really struggles in math and I want to ensure mastery before we move from one topic to the next, ours is set to 90%.  Once each section is completed students are awarded a certificate and a medal of either platinum, gold, silver or bronze.


The instructor, Pat Murray, is a truly gifted educator. He makes it all so easy to understand; breaking down each of the steps. He also has a great Australian accent that makes it easy and enjoyable to listen to him speak (my boys think he might be Crocodile Dundee but they aren’t sure haha) That said this has also brought about quite an interest in Australia in our home too!


One of the things I most like about this program is the ability to move back and forth between grade levels as needed.  My younger son was just starting in the kindergarten program so there was no need but with my older son there were many times we went back to the previous grade to help him through one topic or another.  It makes math a lot less overwhelming this way.

For my oldest ,who is a very kinesthetic learner, these lessons were just the right length (about 2-4 minutes per video). The colorful, short presentations worked so much better for my son who cannot sit still, struggles to focus, gets bored and frustrated so easily. The way the lessons are presented in very short, 2-minute or so snippets, made these online math lessons so much more enjoyable; a gentle way of learning math.

And for my younger son, who is five, again, the visuals and animation along with the tutorials helped him to get it, more quickly and with no stress!  He is very detail oriented too so being able to see the process being taught, was a great help to him.

And for mom, there are lesson summaries that you can easily print out for record keeping.  The program also generates weekly updates which are sent via email.

I definitely recommend this program for families with multiple children.  The 12-month family plan provides full access to every grade level for up to ten students for just $118.80 ( thats a 60% homeschool discount), so CTC Math is quite affordable; more than purchasing individual materials for each grade.  They even offer a free trial, so you can see if it works for your family first.  The program covers Kindergarten through Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry and Calculus.  How can you lose with all of that?

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