I recently started the 14 day course, Make Over Your Mornings.


I am not a morning person. At all. It is SO hard for me to really be productive in the early morning hours. In fact most of the time my kiddos are up before I am. Not this morning, but most mornings that’s the case…


As I have wound up with more projects on my plate (like starting a co-op for our church, reorganizing my son’s homeschool program, meal planning, hosting exchange students this summer and again in the fall, new baby…) I realize I need to have a plan. I don’t have to like it, but I do need to get a bit more organized – have some goals – it helps, I know it does. Its accountability…and lately I need a bit more of that.


I read this comment the other day from Lou Holtz: “If you’re bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things, you don’t have enough goals.”


I can’t say I am bored with life. I can say lately I feel overwhelmed; I feel like a hamster in  that wheel now and then – I have too much I want to do and I am not focusing as I should. Thus, not much is really getting done.


God gives every one of us a special purpose and passion for our life. There are of course many things that I want to do; there are things I dream of doing. But I need to make some goals to help me get there. Big or small. Because really goals DO serve a great purpose.


I do not want my days, my family’s days, to just pass us by. Nor do I want us to just get by, each day.  There are so many opportunities, exciting things to do and experience; I cannot instill a love of learning in them (or keep one in me) if we do not have some idea as to where we are headed each day.


As I sit here, at this very moment there is are so many exciting thing taking place in our home and family. My husband is beginning his MBA program; I am launching my at home career as an affiliate for Fundanoodle, there’s the homeschool co-op in our church… These are all things that I feel very passionately about. Things that i believe are so important and can really help bless our family and other families about us.


But none of this is going to get done with me not having (and following) some sort of plan.


My goal with the co-op is to launch it by September. Until then, I need to determine how many people will be involved; how many children and their ages. What and when we will offer ur little program. Any field trip we want to schedule (before Wisconsin winter hits)  Then there are supplies and scheduling and getting the word out. 🙂


With Fundanoodle: I need to complete my training. I need to put aside enough funds to order the ambassador’s kit for our family. And I need to plan who I will reach out to and share these great materials with (blog of course; day care, local schools, etc). These are amazingly fun products; my kids love them and I love that they are learning without really knowing it while having tons of fun!


There isn’t much for me to do with my husband’s MBA program,  mostly to be there for him and offer support and encouragement 🙂  But I do want to get us eating healthier meals and snacks. Cutting out those sugars and preservatives more. It makes such a difference in how we feel and focus when we are eating things that are good for us. AH, the  power of good foods!


Because I tend to expect perfection and instant success in all I strive to do I need to ask myself, really: “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” In most cases, there are pretty much only two “worst case scenarios”: a) You try something and fail at it — which isn’t really all that bad; can always try again. b) You try something and decide you don’t like it. Either way we know we have tried, which is important, and we learn a bit more about ourselves from having tried. Let’s face it, we aren’t all cut out to be masters at everything. I love scrapbooking, stamping – but I am terrible at it.  I am going to try sewing and crochet instead. 🙂


I loved this quote from Michael Hyatt that I read going through my course today:


“The most interesting things in life happen just outside your comfort zone.”


This is so amazingly true too! Every time I have willingly stepped out of my comfort zone , its been such a blessing to my family and I.  In our church, in our home…Sometimes we just need to step out it faith. Don’t think about it, but do it!




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