SmartKidz Media ~A Schoolhouse Review ~

My children are very visual learners; they love to use as much “media” as they can to learn in our homeschool. Enter in SmartKidz Media I was quite excited, having a new baby at this time too, to be a part of the crew reviewing SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers. We received a full year’s subscription too!  What a great help this was, and continues to be, in our homeschool! 😀

SmartKidz Media is an online, streaming library for homeschoolers, designed to be used as a huge assortment of educational learning resources and can be used for the entire family! It starts at $10/month and you can try out a 14 day free trial to see what they have to offer and see if it is right for you. They also offer yearly memberships for $99 at a $20 savings for you. Sign up for the free trial here.   They really do have a wonderful variety of  learning resources and you have full access to all of it as soon as your trial begins. You can use this on any device you own too, from your cell phone to your Mac, or tablet.  Handy for entertaining on those days when you spend too much time in the car. (we have those now and then!)

Here are some of the subjects which are included in this program:

Animals & Wildlife Collections
Documentaries & Culture Collections
History Titles
Travel & Adventure: World Wide Discovery Collections
Lifestyles & Cuisine
Health & Fitness
Cooking Instruction
Classical Music Collections
Cultural Music Collections
Relaxation Music Collections
Mighty E-Book Collection
Sign Language Collection
Special Needs Learning
Living Skills
Fun Zone

Being a momma to four children ranging in age from 7 weeks old to 9 years old what is great about this is that this is not designed for or  limited to any specific age or grade level. They have videos ranging from fitness for children and adults, to nature, to travel and history. Plus they have lots of video ebooks (my daughter loved this part)! They have a section just for babies (my newborn was so impressed with it) full of baby sign resources and complete video dictionaries (we have used this with every one of our kiddos) and potty training too (for my three year old daughter) ! They have an entire section dedicated to special needs as well so I was quite impressed by that.

I am a big lover of music myself; having studied for most of my childhood so I was ecstatic to find all of the musical selections offered on this.  I often turned these on while we were having quiet time or the kids were reading or building, in the background.  And it really helps make the day more relaxing when doing work.  I think my oldest even got a bit more interested in his music (learning to play keyboard and guitar) because of this. He is really beginning to enjoy jazz and blues. I also just loved the Quick-Find Study Guides. They are just full of educational information from spelling, to math basics, social studies and science basics ~ With more coming soon ~ I cannot wait!  I do wish you could print the study guides as you go along since, with math and grammar, my son references these types of things repeatedly during the week. But regardless, there is a lot of very helpful information here to use. Right at your fingertips so you don’t have to go digging around to find the answers you need.

When I asked my daughter what she liked best, hands down, it was all of the video ebooks. Now I would not consider most of these to be high quality literature myself however they are simple short stories, fun for her (and my five year old son even) since neither one is reading jut yet.  There is the collection of Aesop’s Fables, The Real Mother Goose, some Bible stories, fun sing a longs, and a plethora of other books, mostly sorted by age.  My daughter really enjoyed watching book after book when she had the opportunity. And I did appreciate how both she and my younger son can see the words being read, since they are highlighted as each is read.  I think this really helps build their vocabulary and reading skills, at the reading level they are at. She also loved My Animal Family – a collection of stories  told as “a day-in-the-life” of the baby animal and her family. My daughter loved hearing the adventures of  each of the baby animals as they learn and explore. My Animal Family also has lots of interesting animal facts…and fun songs to learn and sing along to! It was another winner over here.

My youngest son (who is five) was simply captivated by the Natures’ Miniatures videos on here. I am a bit squeamish – can I say I was itching after ever viewing of this one? lol – He is definitely the true nature lover in our family and this series shows those creatures that are no bigger than a pea perhaps. Nature’s Miniatures is full of awesome micro and macro photography exploring some of the tiniest and unusual creatures (we have a microscope now thanks to these videos).  He watched these again and again. Magic of Nature was another series of videos he really enjoyed (my other two did as well; this just wasn’t their first choice) as he learned about animals that come out at night, animals in the water and in the air. These wildlife videos will continue to keep this little man busy for quite some time I think!

My older son is harder to please. He gets bored very easily; rarely sits still and seldom maintains any interests for long.  So I think he was pleased to see so much variety on here. He liked turning on the music now and then while he was building, or doing math drills even. He absolutely loved the Nature’s Soap Operas videos (these are basically animal bloopers – not sure you learn much but they are cute!)  Minus one or two comments my younger son felt were “not nice” these cracked all of us up!  Great for some laughs – which brings me to my oldest son’s other spot.  The Fun Zone: full of jokes, limericks and riddles enough to keep him busy for some time. He fancies himself a little comedian I think, although he doesn’t say so himself.  He is eager for the foreign language videos to be available as he really enjoys languages, and he would love to see some arts related materials here since he loves to draw and create.

As a momma who really tries to avoid screen time as often as possible, I have to say I was so very impressed with this one! Every one of my children just loved their time with this and every time I had a chance to watch with them, it was SO educational. I think I learned a ton from these videos myself!  There’s so much here to explore, and they’re adding new content monthly. So I am very happy we have a full year to use this one since I’m hoping to explore some of the cooking videos, the numerous history and war videos, foreign language materials, and we definitely want to slowly enjoy all of the culture and travel videos on here too.  There really is something here for everyone; the program is very easy to use and the children all enjoy it.  We’re going to be continuing to use and enjoy this one for sure!  I do encourage you to give them a try too. You won’t be disappointed.

SmartKidz Media Review

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