Tales from Circle C Ranch Book and Lapbook ~ A Schoolhouse Review

A couple times now we have been blessed in our family to review some great works by author, Susan Marlow. This is one of those times. We were so thrilled to get to review Susan K. Marlow’s “Tales from the Circle C Ranch”  and the Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook from Circle C Adventures.  🙂


Feel free to read our previous review of her other book, Thick as Thieves here.



In this review we received both the Tales from the Circle C Ranch paperback book and a  PDF download of the Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook.  The book itself contains eleven short stories from various stages of Andrea Carter’s life.  These are all arranged from youngest to oldest, dates are provided to each story so you can see when it took place in Andrea’s life. But that said, these stories can also stand-alone.  While we have not yet read all of these books (it is on our list of things to do though) these stories can easily be read with little to no history of the characters within and still be super fun!


The Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook contains activities for each story, to reinforce concepts learned from the stories as they are read. These cover history and science and literature.  Our family (ashamed to admit it haha) is quite new to the concept of lap booking so we were quite eager to see how this all works! Being that my oldest is very crafty and creative, this was right up his alley. If you are new to this, as we were, do not fear, there are a few pages that tell you Things to Know. There are even a couple visuals so you know where and how to connect the folders and layout all of the mini-books and other materials as you go along. Super simple~





This book is filled with exciting stories that chronicle Andi’s adventures when first she was a young ‘un to those in-between years. If you have any kids (recommended for ages 9-14) they will enjoy this glimpse into her life and times, while also being strongly encouraged in their faith.


Enjoy her wild and troublesome antics as she stirs up mischief by discarding her girlish pinafore for a pair of boys britches.  Find out what happens when Andi takes a trip to the high Sierras for the Carter Christmas tree. And can Andi teach her enemy, turned friend, how to ride a horse?


All of these stories provide a look into US and California History, as well as life on a ranch, making these things just come alive. In fact each story even begins with a short overview of the time the story takes place in and which Andi book is closest to this time. We read all of these out loud, together, since my kids all enjoy these stories! I love how no matter what troubles she may cook up or get herself into, the story always goes back to the value of family and of good strong character. These are important things for our kids to know I say!



For each chapter within the book, the lap book has a minibook as well as the “Five Elements of a Story” mini book and a mini coloring book. Each page within provides lots of great information that will help you connect the story in the book to what happened in history itself. For example, “Hurrah for the Fourth of July” revolves around the family going to celebrate the Fourth of July. There are contests, parades, and of course, fireworks. You then read in the lap book’s corresponding page, the history of fireworks and how they came to be in our country. Did you know that fireworks were invented in China in the 7th century? Said Roger Bacon in the 1200s, “If you light it, you will get thunder and lightning, if you know the trick.”


We learned so much from the lap book;  did you know that in 1826, a French inventor, Niépce, produced the first successful photograph? By fitting a metal plate inside his camera obscura that was coated with light-sensitive chemicals and exposing the courtyard around his house for 8 hours, allowing the sun to interact with the plate. What a way to take a photo – quite time-consuming!  So in the lap book portion we learn what the Greek words are that make up photography; we find out why the man taking the picture would cover himself in a long black cloth. and why in all those old family photos everyone looks just like a statue. 🙂



These were both such fun materials to review! We will surely be revisiting the book and activities again and again. We will definitely be getting additional books, and the lap books to go with them, in the future!


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One thought on “Tales from Circle C Ranch Book and Lapbook ~ A Schoolhouse Review

  1. It sounds like you had such a good time with the book and the lapbook. Thanks for sharing the details, and I’m so glad I asked Kate (Crew) at the last minute to include the PDF lapbook for folks. A Journey Through Learning’s lapbooks are all barrels of fun and easy to put together.
    Thanks for taking the time to read Tales and share your thoughts!

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