What’s Inside?

“Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.”


Not long ago Elizabeth Eliot passed away. In her honor I posted online one of my favorite quotes of hers. It reads:


The routines of housework and of mothering may be seen as a kind of death, and it is appropriate that they should be, for they offer the chance, day after day, to lay down one’s life for others. Then they are no longer routines. By being done with love and offered up to God with praise, they are thereby hallowed as the vessels of the tabernacle were hallowed–not because they were different from other vessels in quality or function, but because they were offered to God. A mother’s part in sustaining the life of her children and making it pleasant and comfortable is no triviality. It calls for self-sacrifice and humility, but it is the route, as was the humiliation of Jesus, to glory. {Elizabeth Elliot}


I remember so long ago when I first became a homemaker, a stay at home mother. I felt so inadequate (in many ways I guess sometimes I still do).  I struggled with the “loss” of my career – I struggled with the looks I got overtime someone asked what I do, and I responded that I was a stay at home mom… to their disdain often – It took so long for me to understand and see the value in being at home. And now that I see it, I pray that other will too. That they will desire it and seek after ways to make it so in their lives.


So I post a lot and write quite a bit on how important it is for all of us mommas to be at home, with our children, teaching them and training them in His way.  Imagine my sorry, the burden I felt when I saw a friend’s response to the quote posted above:


She wrote:  But what if you truly hate all that domestic stuff, like to the point of crying when you finally have to do it? It is death. Not everyone is cut out for it. I have grown up actively practicing my faith…and I”m just not domestic. Didn’t want kids. cried when I got pregnant. I was 35.


I felt such pangs of sorrow and despair when I read this. Sad for her husband, for her family, for the lack of Jesus bing in her life.  Children and the home ~ these things are so very important to God. And for His chosen people. Truly though the scriptures say we must be born again baptized in Jesus name, filled with th Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues – that is the only way we are truly saved and sanctified as His.  It is the only way we will truly be able to have such a powerful relationship with Him that the things we hate will become dear to us and those things once held dear will be despised. It is a change that can only come in our life when we are so desperately seeking Him, desiring His way, willing to give all we have, in this temporary world we are in, for the sake of eternity.


She continued, advising me that: Even in the Bible, women owned businesses. I don’t like housework. Never will, but my gardens are AWESOME> People take pictures of my house when they walk by. Our outdoor living space is pretty darn cool….even my husband says all the painting and things I have done have been well worth the money and time. IT’s just the inside that sucks.



Now I wanted, as I read this, to advise her that the women in the Bible who owned businesses were women who did so in addition to keeping their home. Their children were grown. I wanted to ask for photos of this house and garden that people take pictures of as they pass by. I wanted to tell her how blessed she is to have a husband who supports and loves what she does.  But I didn’t say anything like that. As I read, and reread what she wrote, I heard the voice clearly speaking.


All I could say, was what i had just heard. And it was this. Simple, truth.


Reminds me of Jesus when He rebukes the Pharisees, how He tells them: “Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also. ” Can be said of each of us. Our inside must mirror Him,and then our outside shall too.” 



I have such a burden for this girl ever since this conversation. How sad, how far from Christ she must be. To know the power that comes from really knowing Him and living for Him. All is possible ~ Joy unspeakable in this that she hates. May Jesus move her heart closer to His so she may see and feel the joy and peace that comes from serving others as He once served man.







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