Today we are talking about our favorite quote on the July blogging challenge at Lynn’s blog and Jennifer’s blog. I myself started keeping a Commonplace book not long ago for all of those excellent quotes I come across.  So this day has been a bit harder for me to complete – I mean there are just so many amazing and powerful quotes. Some big and some small.  But this one that I chose, it is (I think) so powerful on so many levels.

Are you ready for it? Its a really awesome one:


“Consider what happens to people whose night skies are spangled with constellations like The Master of Hestviken or Moby Dick or The Brothers of Karamazov.  These people are hard to fool.  They are also hard to enlist in pursuit of the trivial and ephemeral.   It is as if we had given them a powerful telescope atop a high mountain and shown them how to use it and directed their attention to the Orion nebula and once they had learned to do so and to love the beauty they found there, expected them to look at light bulbs on a marquee.”

~ Anthony Eolen



As Esolen clearly states in  Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, we ourselves say that “children are our greatest resource.” Resources of course are know to be good, solid, dependable. Yet so often, it seems society discourages imagination within our youth. If we loved truly them, (as he so succinctly puts it) we would have some and be excited about it.  We would spend time with them and enjoy having them with us.


I love things that remind me of the great value of imagination, curiosity, free play…Our children need these things so that they can see the “more” there is in life. I want them to see and enjoy things beyond the museum or the zoo. How often do we introduce our children to something new (or even ourselves for that matter) a then move on.


“Nothing to see here.. move on to the next thing…..”


We must give them time to see and explore; to answer their own questions. We simply must encourage our children (ourselves too!) to see beyond what is in front of us. What value there is the ability to learn and create for ourselves. I think of my boys who, the other day, were entertained for hours in our yard with a few coins and some cardboard.  It was a never ending adventure for them They were pirates, they were explorers…. It wasn’t just cardboard but it was a ship, a horse, a cannon on the battlefield.


They need to know that the answer given, isn’t always the only answer.  There is so much more for us if we are only willing too take the time and see. I mean, a flashlight or a telescope….Every one of us ought to take our time and gaze out at all that our great God has created with wonder and excitement.


Do come by to read all of the other amazing quotes from the bloggers joining in on this summer challenge. Feel free to blog along with us too, anytime! 🙂

July Blogging Challenge

2 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. This is a beautiful quote. Thank you for sharing it. What a great reminder to allow time to LOVE the beauty and not settle for the lightbulb.

    And thanks for joining the journey. This Day Has Great Potential!

    1. Thank you for beginning this journey! What a blessing it is already. Loving “meeting” all of these ladies! And you have chosen so many excellent topics to blog on. Making me think. hehe

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