What Do I See?

I love to sit and gaze out my window. The one that leads to our backyard.




That is where I can see our rabbit family playing and enjoying the fruits of my labor. LOL


It is where I see trees and flowers; often I see my children happily playing catch or up to bat.


My raspberry bushes and blackberry bushes are overwhelming me; yet the way they lean this way and that, the way the vines seem to curl a bit around and about – it is beautiful.


I listen to the birds singing; there is a little nest built inside of the roof of our garage; there is also a small birdhouse outside of our house. It is such a joy to watch the birds fly in and out –  some days (my little son told me this) you can even see a tiny baby bird head pop out for a moment.


God’s creation all about us. I can forget I live in the city; I can see all the beauty this world has. I can imagine, how it was meant to be. How it will be again one day. What a peace I feel as I gaze out while I pray and seek His face. And what an answer, seeking and seeing His face in all that is around me.


Glorious! Jesus you are glorious! ❤


4 thoughts on “What Do I See?

  1. I love this view! It reminds me of my own, from my livingroom. I was delighted to recently find a gorgeous glass hummingbird feeder at a yard sale for 10 cents! I cannot wait to fill it with sugary nectar and watch the hummingbirds hover nearer.

    So glad to be introduced to your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful view.

    1. Its so nice to have a beautiful view. Having been born and raised in the big city I have such a love, more than i ever thought I would, for the natural beauty about us. I love hummingbirds – our feeder broke – thank you for reminding me to get a new one!

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