10 Things …..

I am really enjoying all of these daily prompts! Its fun and challenging at the same time 🙂


Speaking of which, since I never shared the list of prompts, only the graphic in my first post for this challenge, here (copied from Lynn) are the topics for each day:


“Pick one or two or all third-one of them.  Tweak them as you need to; have fun and be inspired. Blog away and then come link up.”



  1. Introductions, please!
  2. Favorite quote
  3. Outside my window
  4. Celebrate Good Times
  5. Where do you call home and what do you love about where you live?
  6. 10 Things {I like} About Me
  7. What’s in your bag?
  8. Special recipe
  9. Artistic inspiration
  10. Where are you going or where have you been?
  11. In my fridge
  12. What is your earliest memory?
  13. Bucket list/Reverse Bucket list — what’s on your list to do OR what’s the coolest thing you’ve done?
  14. These are a few of my favorite things . . .
  15. Lights, Camera, Action!
  16. Way Back When {in pictures}
  17. Summer Reads
  18. Pamper Me: Favorite indulgence
  19. Summer downtime
  20. Favorite foods
  21. Family Fun Time (water play, day trips, around town, on the farm)  What makes you giggle?
  22. In the garden/from the garden
  23. Treasure Boxes
  24. Housekeeping
  25. “If I knew then”
  26. Thankful
  27. Best thing that has happened this year/most fun we’ve had all summer
  28. Animals
  29. Favorite childhood book
  30. Made by me
  31. Why do you blog?


SO today is 10 things about me that I like. Believe it or not this one is quite the challenge for me. I’m more critical when it comes to me; always seeking ways to improve.  I admit, I don’t talk about myself much; it takes a lot of encouragement to get me talking. But I can go for hours talking about homeschooling, my children, my husband, our pets even. lol and I’d rather tell you about my kids or my dear husband. Stick with me as I list the ten things that I like most about myself:


  1. I love to learn and study. I am always eager to find out new information daily. And it can be on a crazy range of things too!
  2. I am honest; you will not find me sugar coating things or walking on eggshells ever. I tell it like it is. I pray the love that drives me to share is felt in all I say.
  3. I am always eager to help others; when someone says they want to make something happen, but just cannot – I will help them to find a way.  If you are willing I am up to any challenge!
  4. I do not believe that anything is impossible. With God all things are possible; the sky is the limit if we are determined and willing to go that extra mile. We have to be willing though.
  5. I read. And study and research. As often as I can. I love to travel and explore the world but I know that is not God’s will for me right now so I enjoy reading alone and with my family too (aloud) all kinds of books.  Stepping into different times and places and characters helps us to really grow in so many ways!
  6. I really enjoy opening up my home; mostly to foreign exchange students. We have had so many come into our lives from all over – China, Brazil, Spain, Jordan, France..>Every one of them, through good and bad, has a place in my heart. Some may have broken it a bit but very one of them has been a gift from God in one way or another. They are precious to me in every way!
  7. I am into the details. I am not someone to jump to conclusions or be easily offended. It is actually pretty hard to offend me. I keep my emotions in check for the most part (except when I am freaking out LOL)
  8. I am a lover of music – I will sing and dance; mostly in worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have played guitar and flute, piccolo and oboe and bassoon, piano…I just love what you can do with music. It is so inspiring and energizing and encouraging!  Not just to me either.
  9. I am confident, sure of myself. This is a good thing for the most part. I believe and stand for something with all my heart and soul. Again, I hope love comes through when I am discussing things with people of other opinions, but I stand firm on the foundation which has been built in my life.
  10. I love my knowledge of coffee and tea and things natural.  Certainly I am far from an expert on all of these things but I do as much as I can with those natural herbs that are around us. Gardens and essential oils, herbs and spices, food as a medicine – I believe there is so much good we can do for our families if we go back to the basics. And I try to keep things as simple as I can for our family.

So…tell me what you like about you!  😀



4 thoughts on “10 Things …..

  1. “Knowledge of things natural” is something I’ve been working on for the past few years.

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