This is MY Bag

I love this bag. It is very new and from my sweet Spanish “daughter”.

She has been visiting with us this summer from Madrid and we have been doing our time with her.





Isn’t this just an awesome bag?  So fun too!  I plan to one day carry this around the streets of Madrid (a girl can dream right?).



Anyway so what’s in this bag?  It hasn’t been fully “used” yet; for now all that it holds are some excellent reading materials and my son’s binder for guitar class:




But in addition to this, there are diapers and a little wipes container. There is chapstick; there are also some granola bars, a bag of nuts and my nursing cover.  I only just used it for the first time today. It will be filled with so much more than this as I get out with it more and more. 🙂



If I tell you about the diaper bag – that’s kind of scary. In addition to a couple books, there is my Bible, my notebook, my highlighters and pens..lots of cookie crumbs and twigs and stones and pinecones (my boys love nature!)  There was a lizard in it once ~ yikes!


I don’t carry a purse; I have lost too many through the years so these bags are perfect for me. Nice and big and roomy; I can fit everything I need in them and I totally notice the difference between when I am carrying it and when I have put it down somewhere and forgot to pick it up again.


What are you carrying in YOUR bag?


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