Where Shall we Travel To?

I have always loved traveling… Long ago, before my family, I did quite a bit of it. With four children, we do not do as much as we would like nowadays, but we enjoy our getaways when we have the opportunity 🙂




So where do we go?


We often travel within the state. Our children are a part of our church’s Bible Quiz program. That means we get to go to different parts of the state each month for “competitions”  like Eau Claire, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton…Now and then they even get to visit Branson Missouri and Indianapolis Indiana. It can be quite exciting really!


I spent quite some time in Germany, long ago and really enjoyed it there. Sprechen is Deutsch? 🙂


My husband has spent quite a bit of time in Canada; he and the men folks in the family enjoy have enjoyed an annual fishing trip up there a few times. Sadly there hasn’t been one for awhile but our oldest son got to enjoy a week of fishing with them once or twice.


While it technically doesn’t count as actual travel, we have also experienced France, Spain, Brazil, China, Jordan … via hosting international exchange students.  Maybe we didn’t really get to see it with our own eyes but how fun it is to learn and experience all that we can from someone who is here, from there, and how precious all of these youth are that have come to us.


This is such a great big world. And there is so much we can learn as we explore it. Whether we leave our home, or being the world to our home, it is a blessing to so many (not just us) when we get out and learn about our neighbors. For how can we love them if we do not even know them?




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