Bucket List

Can you believe it is Day 13 of the July Blogging Challenge?

And today’s topic is Bucket List.

I have to admit that I have never put much thought into a bucket list of my own.


I know plenty of people who create these things; personally I feel more pressure when I have lists like these. But I am also trying to be more organized and as my kids get older have more intentional time with them, at home, and out and about.
So this is my attempt at a bucket list, I guess 🙂

  •  Pray more!
  • Meal plan – and use those plans 🙂
  • Learn crochet/knitting loom
  • Take my sewing class with my “new” machine (a gift from my husband for Christmas)
  • Complete planning for our church’s homeschool co-op this fall
  • Practice my German skills more regularly
  • Really work a business for fun and profit (little it may be)
  • Declutter the house
  • Develop Bible study for teaching and reaching those in need of Christ
  • Blog more regularly and with a bit more purpose
  • Begin and complete process to become great feeding counselor
  • Complete Eve Anderson’s Teaching Training Tools program
  • Learn to relax a bit more – become a Schole momma

I could add more but I am already beginning to feel a bit of pressure looking at this list so…..Lots of goodies; I say Jesus guide me! ❤


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