Give Them Grace ~ Chapter 10 & Appendices

Join us as we finish up the discussion on Give Them Grace!


I cannot believe we are on the last part of our reading together of Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson in the Family Discipleship Facebook group. If you missed the discussion of the foreword, introduction, and chapter one, you can find that here, chapters two through four here, chapters five and six here, and chapters seven through nine here.




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Chapter Ten ~ Resting in Grace


Can I be totally transparent here? When it comes to parenting, I feel guilty, a lot. I feel like whatever I do is not good enough. That said, I appreciate the Lord so much more, His grace, given to me, as I strive to listen and follow Him, no matter how I struggle, in training up these children He has given to me. I know that I am not enough, never will be, but I also take joy in knowing the One who is. 🙂


The authors of Give Them Grace blame parenting books for the guilt we moms so often feel. I had to chuckle a bit when I read that sentence….it makes sense though right? Just like all of these websites and blogs that show us “perfect” this and “perfect” that.  How can I compare to so many of those mommas? lol


We have so many rules nowadays. Too many maybe? And don’t we focus on those too intensely at times. Instead of the purpose behind the rules, its about THE rule itself.  I think we need to know why, and our kids do too. I mean, do we even truly know why we have the rules we do? Like “quiet in the house” (that’s not all about momma is it? lol) Can we be truly honest with ourselves and our kids? Is there really a need for that one; some too much about us. Am I right?


Like so many other things, parenting is NOT about us. Its kind of relief, in my opinion, to know that. Talk about casting your cares on Him ~ Only He saves, only He transforms lives.  And He works best in those things that are (or seem to be) just impossible.  I thank God that I know today, that its not all about me. What I do and how I live my life, it matters, but grace and love – relationships that are strong and sure – matter so much more. And keeping Jesus at the center of it all. Because its ALL about Him.


Our job is not just hard; it’s impossible. It is at those moments, when we’re struck dumb by our failure and unbelief and brokenly fall on our knees before Him, that His promised grace is most powerful in us. When we are feeling total despair, when we think, I’m never going to get this right, and even when I try, I fail, that will be the moment when we’ll have the grace to resist our enemy and watch how our Savior restores, confirms, strengthens, and establishes us. (Give Them Grace, page 165, emphasis theirs)


This is SO very true! I think ❤  DO I hear an Amen ?


Appendix 1 ~ The Good Story


The authors share the gospel in a charming story format. It’s a neat thing to read with your kids I think.

Appendix 2 ~ Common Problems and the Gospel

This appendix contains a series of common parenting problems (ones I think I can safely say, we have all experienced at least once ourselves), and placed within Management, Nurturing, Training, Correcting, and Promises of the Gospel. Some of these are: lying, blame-shifting, disobedience, provoking others, fighting, anger, complaints, back talk, and laziness.


Appendix 3 ~ The Best News Ever

Elyse M. Fitzpatrick shares her testimony of how Christ called her to salvation and walks through the gospel.


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