My Favorite Things….

Today’s blogging topic has me singing….


“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….”

Really I tend to agree….so many of these are favorites of mine too!

Enjoy the song with me for a moment…




I have a swing in our front yard; nothing fancy but a wonderful place to sit.

I have a large stack of books next to me….books are one of my favorite things….

Music – from classical, to opera, jazz/blues, to folks and bluegrass – I listen to worship music more than anything else but music is still such a blessing to me.

Gardens – i love to garden, although I fear I am not as green as I should be. haha  Something wonderful about watching something grow 🙂

My babies are of course favorites of mine. I love how different they are, each one of them. They sing and dance and play guitar and snuggle animals and sometimes each other. They draw and paint and tell stories and make stories of their own …. They are precious!

Home. Of course it is my favorite place to be. Maybe too much sometimes? I honestly have to make a point of getting out more often. Working through an amazing program right now too, that I was blessed with, on Simplified Organization or Learning to Love What Must be Done 🙂 (I am going to write lots more on this in another post!)

I love to learn. I guess that goes back to my love of books; I am always reading when I have a moment.  From classic literature, to my Bible, prophecy, leadership, business, economics and history… so many good books, so little time!

Water.  I don’t like to swim; my husband says I am like a cat. I don’t enjoy getting wet but I love to watch the water as it moves. SO beautiful and peaceful, something calming about the waves, the motion itself.

Cheese! Born and raised in Wisconsin, for the most part, I love my cheese. Its something I can eat all the time, with just about anything. In fact our Spanish visitor, Maria, has given me quite the palate for red grapes with bread and cheese. Yummy 😛

I love thunderstorms too – watching the sky light up and hearing the crack of thunder and the rain as it falls on the roof and the windows….even the raindrops you see glistening on things after the rain has ended. And rain makes rainbows….the beauty of the storm …

And of course, above all, beyond all other things I love my JESUS – I cannot love Him or worship Him enough …. I cannot pray enough or read enough ~ He is such a blessing, so much more than I ever imagined and so beyond anything I could express.


These are my favorite thing….Seems like a lot (purple, I LOVE purple too!)




Enough about me though ~~~~   What about You?



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