Summer Challenge

Summer Reading Challenges

Every summer my kids look forward to participating in the summer reading program at our local library. I love to read; my youngest son is learning how to read, my daughter loves to be read to – my oldest son – a very reluctant reader. But reading is so important to me, and my oldest loves to earn the rewards that come from reading. We also started doing the Barnes and Noble’s Summer Reading program. My oldest is eager to earn the Origami Yoda book which is on the list of books to be earned from reading.

I remember when I was young, I was always reading. I loved the classics. And exploring history through books too. Shakespeare to Jane Austen, H.G. Wells and Dickens – what can I say? I just love to read!  And I really want to see my kids have a love of learning and reading to.


So this summer Momma is reading:  The Awakening of Miss Prim, A Cluster of Camphire, Parenting Unchained, The Easy Way to Start, Manage and Grow a Christian Homeschool Group, Keep it Shut, and When Children Love to Learn.


I also just signed up as a consultant for Usbourne Books and am excited to share my love of reading and learning with others. They have such amazing, high quality books. And I love the idea of sharing and growing a business based around literature 🙂 Check it out and maybe wanna host a party (online or off) with me?    🙂


What are the kids rading?  Well we are working through some great ones together:

Orphs of the Woodland is so much fun! Lots of different hands on activities for learning within this book. I actualy reviewed this one here with the Schoolhouse Review Crew earlier and we are STILL enjoying it!


We are also reading The Green Ember and starting Treasure Island. My oldest son is reading, on his own, about Rober E Lee and also the Middle Ages. So we have a few books on these two topics we are reading together. He is reading a couple Minecraft books too, on his own.


What are you reading this summer?


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