Home School in the Woods: Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages ~A Schoolhouse Review~

We absolutely love history in this house. My boys enjoy anything that involves weaponry, fights, knights and castles, suits of armor, cowboys…I could go on forever. My younger son is a huge fan of planes and jets and tanks. So we were quite eager to try the Home School In The Woods program, Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages. This is an amazingly involved, fun, hands-on history program that made the Middle Ages really come alive for us!





Home School in the Woods Review



Home School in the Woods was actually created by a homeschooling family who was seeking a way to really make history come alive for their kids. This program is full of opportunities to learn in a way that is engaging.  There are activities for all ages, developing visuals like timeline figures to encourage visual learning while also reinforcing material learned. This award winning curriculum is a great option with a variety of historical topics to choose from. We received: Project Passport World History Study, The Middle Ages; a digital download, it includes a variety of materials from audio files to pdf files and travel tips to help guide you through this program. You can also purchase this on CD-ROM (we plan to do just that in the future). And if you are wondering, it works with both Windows and Mac.




Home School in the Woods ReviewThe digital file includes everything you need to journey through the Middle Ages with your kids. They even have a Passport and Luggage (can’t travel without those right?). 🙂  The travel itinerary will help you begin your journey. It explains each “visit” you’ll be making along your journey. There are 25 stops in the Middle Ages program, and since my kids all wanted to be a part of this, each stop ranged from one day to one week. Depending on how much you want to do, and how many rabbit trails you choose to follow,  of course. The curriculum lists  travel as 6-12 weeks,  but again, depending on how involved you want to get, there is a lot of opportunity for this program.  I know my kids are really enjoying it and it is inspiring lots more learning than I could have imagined.


middle ages

Each stop involves a variety of materials.  There are Snapshot Moments (scrapbooking sights), Postcards to design called “Wish You Were Here”. From lap books, to newspaper articles, games, audio tours and creating illuminations and herb salts…Experience being an alchemist or trading goods; there are edible projects too like the Golden Maple Coins.  The topics range from medicine and disease, to things like Monastic life and Barbarians of the North & West. There is so much here to explore.


But first you have to pack.  In the very beginning you must make your passport. You also have a folder you prepare, which is your luggage. And of course everyone must have a scrapbook for their “sights”.  These were simple to make and we had everything, somewhere, in our house. Just had to find it all. Materials like printer paper, glue, cardstock, cardboard (corrugated), colored file folders, 3 ring binder, colored pencils and lamination sheets. We always keep this kind of stuff in stock around here.

Every day we would review the material; often I would read aloud the material, maybe 3 pages at the most. These would cover any special events and battles fought during that time. We would review and discuss the famous characters and symbols to add to our timeline as we went along. And we had ready our “Scrapbook of Sights” to put all of these mementos in one place as we explored them in our journey. Some of the items we collected along the way were newspaper articles, maps, tasty (and not so tasty) recipes of the times. There are so many fun ways to encourage imagination and creative thought.

The curriculum is very involved and very detail oriented.  Depending on how motivated your kids are each day you can do one or you  can do a ton. I cannot say enough how packed full of information this is.  It easily stands on its own; the material covers so much that by the time you complete this they have an excellent understanding on the Middle Ages. The hands-on activities are simple and fun, great for those who need to really get their hands on things.


The Passport Collection offers tours to Ancient Egypt and the Renaissance Era. What an amazingly fun way to learn  and travel through time too. between audio files, creative kitchen fun, mapping adventures and creative writing this stretches our children in every way.   I highly recommend this award winning curriculum for your home school.  If history is a struggle,this is sure to change that!  Be sure to bring history alive, in every way, for your family!  This is sure to bring a greater love of learning to all.





Home School in the Woods Review


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