Indulge Me

I have to admit it. I have a husband who spoils me. Maybe just a bit? 🙂

I admit too, that I still REALLY struggle in this area. I mean, I love being a mom. I want to have that servant;s heart like Jesus – yet some days I really struggle – I need a break but how selfish is that of me? Its not about me. lol I have a home token, children to raise, a husband to love….Not enough time….I can indulge myself later – when the kids are grown right?

Then I realized, it doesn’t have to be this way. Nothing fancy; nothing expensive.  It’s pretty easy really.

I love quiet nights; with a good book. Or quiet times during the day. I have this swing out front….I just love it. SO do the kids. But its my happy place when I need a break during the day. Often I will take my coffee or tea out there and sit and swing.

I love peanut butter. Reese’s to be specific. Unfortunately so do my kids so its something I have to sneak away to nibble on throughout the day.   While I absolutely believe that Jesus is the answer to everything, coffee and chocolate sure do help! 🙂

And how abut a good book? Does it sound crazy that indulging myself is time with a good book? Sometimes fiction, sometimes non-fiction.  There is so much out there and I just love to learn. It really makes me giddy having the chance to learn and do something new!

Call me a geek but really, indulging myself is so much simpler than I thought it would be.

I need a treat now and then. Something for me. Something special. A reminder that while I may indeed serve and sacrifice, little things make all the difference. A bad day can turn around in an instant when I simply stop and indulge myself in a good fancy coffee, or a bite of chocolate. When I pick up  a devotional or my Bible and read even just one verse.

What does it look like for you?


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