Favorite Foods?

I cannot believe it is Day 20 of the July Blogging Challenge.

I am just LOVIN this opportunity to expand my writing; to write on a daily basis (oky maybe now and then more than once a day when I need to play catch up hehe)

So today its all about our favorite foods. And I am sitting down to write this around dinner time. HA!





I am a CheeseHead yes, born and raised in Wisconsin, most of my life here. So I just LOVE cheese. Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss, Pepper Jack, String Cheese, Cheese Curds….Its all sooo good!!!!


I also love pasta. I am not Italian, not at all (German and Norwegian) but something about pasta – I could live off of it! Alfredo sauce, pesto sauce, ravioli, tortellini….


And I love oatmeal – whether in cookies or just as a breakfast treat. I have this awesome recipe for Energy Bites.  My daughter loves these too! But I love being able to emjpy a bowl of oatmeal in the morning or even afternoon, with fresh raspberries or strawberries or blacjkberries (we actualy have some to harvest this year!) or cinnomon, nuts, peanut butter, honey. The possibilities are endless!


And of course who doesn’t love chocolate? I prefer it dark but also enjoy some white chocolte as a treat now and then.


What about you? Favorite yummies to share?



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