Family Fun 

It seems like just yesterday my oldest son was born. Yet at the end of September he will be 10 years old.  

Then there is my second son seem to be six, my little perfectionist. He has such a great sense of humorand is so determined when it comes to understanding things big and small. 

My daughter, our princess. And she will be for at the end of August and again I just don’t know where the time is gone. Such a sweet little girl with such a love babies and ponies.  And did I mention a love for all ice cream?? Lol. 

Our most recent blessing is three months old. Little Rachel Madison. Such a joy! Great big smile’s and lots of chatter already, add some big blue eyes and she’s definitely a keeper. 


There are so many fun things we do together and I’m making pizza at home to going out to golf with daddy. Ice cream and cookies, reading, drawing and singing and dancing…. In all of these things memories being made ❤️


We transplanted beautiful from behind our shed two years ago and now we can have the joy of berry picking too! 
  And for all the boys, a helicopter ride. Our youngest son was right in the front as the copilot while daddy and his older brother were in the back. My husband couldn’t wait to surprise the boys with this helicopter ride this year. 

Wherever we go and whatever we do these are moments to remember and cherish.  💓



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