Precious Treasures

Matthew 6:21 says: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

There are so few things that really matter when we think about things from an eternal perpspective. I have been striving to live a more “minimalist” life myself, for our family. I truly believe less IS more. There is more freedom; more peace. More rest.

When we have less, we are so greatly blessed ❤

Yet we, as a family, do have little things we cherish. Those ultrasound pictures from our children before they were born.  A decorative pacifier given to me by my long lost dearest girlfriend ever when she threw me a surprise baby shower when my first son was born. I love her and miss her so!

We have photos of our various “daughters” and “sons” who have been with us, both short and long term, through the exchange program. Ticket stubs from when we went as a family to see The Nutcracker.  An old name tag from one of my last employers where I was so blessed and able to bless too. And hospital bracelets, I cannot believe how small my babies used to be…..

These are treasures. We love to keep them, look through them. Hold them and remember. While also being sure to treasure the Lord and our salvation more than all else; how great is our God who loves us and cherishes us, showing such mercy and grace even though I am so unworthy of the treasures He has graced me with.


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