Keeping the Home



I could not say any better, what I believe the making and keeping of a home to be than that.


I am not skilled at it I fear. In fact, with my four children, I thnk my house is very unkept looking.  LOL


I truly wish to live in a nice, tidy home. Where all things have a place; where there is order.  It is my dream — slowly I am moving towards it – seeking ways to remove the clutter and chaos and find order and peace for my family within :=)


In fact I was so very blessed with an amzing program that is helping me to find order and learn to love those things that simply must be done.


Organize your attitude, home, and life!









I’ve also been trying to participate in a weekly housekeeping challenge called 34 Weeks of Clean, hosted by Michele at Family, Faith, and Fridays. Weekly assignments are a great motivator and while I have not been completely consistent with each weeks tasks and blogging along, I like that there is a plan in place. One that breaks the BIG task of getting it all clean, into smaller, simpler, steps. 🙂




Lastly, I have been wanting to create my very own Home Management Binder ~ Any thoughts or tips to share on this? I admit I love to organize, to plan, to make lists….I love the idea, absolutley, of having one place that has it all. Where I can keep those meal plans, manage the kids and my own book clubs/reading lists, keep contact info for church friends and homeschool folks, brainstorm for blogging!  It’s a great tool – I mean, I know it can be…If I uses it for more than just writing it all down. 😛


I even found this great video to help me along the way:







When it comes to housekeeping, what’s your plan? How do you manage it all?  Or don’t you? LOL


Come on by  This Day Has Great Potential and A Glimpse of Our Life  to see what the rest of the bloggers in this challenge think of housekeeping and how they make it happen!


July Blogging Challenge


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