such a small word. Yet it can be so powerful too!  How many little words can challenge us?  Make us pause and think? 
This word can inspire and challenge. It can also weaken and cripple. 

Did you know this little word is used 1595 times in the Bible?  
If you do well, then….. Choices determine how this little word will effect us and what direction we shall take.  
If we make the proper choice there are promises that will follow.  

Jesus uses the word enough to challenge another’s thinking, that there are more possibilities.  
“If thou canst believe all things are possible to him that believeth” 
No matter how difficult it may be to believe, IF we are desperate enough, with no matter how little faith we have, the Lord will help us to overcome. 
He is our strength and we need only believe for more!
So if we keep on asking and seeking and knocking…..if.  
How exciting are the possibilities 💗


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