I love Books!

Well, I did it!

I have been drooling over Osbourne books for SO long but I finally decided to do it.

I hit the button and joined as a consultant.

Yay me?


I also have a copy of the book The Introverted Leader, to read, since I am anything but a sales type person. Seems odd that I would make a leap like this when I am such an opposite personality type right?


Here’s the thing. I love books. I have always wanted to do something, from home, that can add a bit of income now and then, fun money for homeschooling even, while also growing my self. I mean, its become so much more important to me recently, for me to keep growing, keep learning and stretching myself. How can I teach, inspire, mentor, my kids if I stay right where I am? If I am not willing to become uncomfortable, I shall never grow….


So I did it. And my first party is planned for August, 5th – its a party while the littles nap, kind of. If you want to come check it out, let me know. Love to have you come and see what its all about.


Plus I can get to know some of you more! We can chat, and learn together; may be you even decide to join with me or host your own party.  Either way, no pressure! Let’s talk!


Love Books?



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