Making the Most of our Time

Today’s post in the blogging challenge is sponsored by Gerber® Good Start® Gentle, who believe that “comfort for baby means happiness for all”. We all have a formula for happiness right?

Here is my Formula for Happiness™.


First of all, I think myself happy, as the scriptures say! Quite wise words, from Paul, for us to live by. I say these to myself often when I am not so happy. And running on very little sleep lately, with my precious baby, I adit some days it is REALLY hard to be truly happy. (I may be truly tired, truly achy, truly hungry….but honest, some days I am not truly happy…)


Yet the joy of the Lord is our strength right? And remembering, as Ecclesiastes says, there is a time for everything; we go through various seasons in our life.


I remind myself, looking at their faces small and not so small, that what I am doing at home, right now, it matters so much.  This is BIG stuff I am doing here. I cannot ever forget that.


I snuggle my sweet girl, who is already three months old, and while or house looks a bit like a tornado blew through it, I remind myself, these days will pass. She will grow and be busy with playing and learning. I strive to embrace the snuggles.


We read. A lot. Out loud. Just about anything too.  From our Bible to old classics like Shakespeare, Bible Commentaries, history, foreign language, science…kids books, momma books….Its all good!


We listen and sing and play worship music. We have a flute, a guitar, a keyboard – three who love to play the drums on cups and bowls and the walls and tables (it gets loud!) and we sing and worship together!


These are happy things. Making memories that will last.


Drawing and coloring, resting and just talking….or swinging on the swing and enjoying the day.


I have to remember, the sleepless nights, the fuzzy baby, the dirty walls and windows – fingerprints everywhere – it shall pass. Too soon it shall pass.


Embrace and love the blessings that are within our home. Right now. Every moment. For we are all, in His age, created and greatly loved!


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