With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama (Heirloom Productions Review)

Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again! We have spent quite a few hours listening to (and enjoying) their newest audio theater presentation With Lee in Virginia.  We have been so blessed to experience a number of their products, such as In Freedom’s Cause and Under Drake’s Flag.  Every one has been such a joy to our family! This one though…this one, we think, was by far the best!



With Lee in Virginia is a two-CD set full of two and one-half hours of “non-stop adventure” for ages 6-adult (although my 3 and 5 year old were captivated by this one too!). There were also some excellent, special bonuses, we received like a study guide, a copy of the ebook itself….a few others too!


“Stories of virtue and valor, daring and determination, character and courage. From history’s master of storytelling..,,”


The audio dramatization was written by Robert Liparulo and the soundtrack by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell (of Narnia). Their actors include Jim Weiss, Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, and Chris Anthony, to name a few.

There are a couple purchasing options to choose from. The basic package ($29.97 ) includes the 2-disc set and three bonuses.  With this you receive a high quality digital study guide, a printable poster with a quote by Robert E. Lee, and an MP3 download of the official soundtrack scored by John Campbell.  We LOVE the soundtrack!


One thing that really brings me joy about this, is the study guide that accompanies their audio dramas.  How many audio books do that? We enjoy listening to audio books now and then (when we are on the go, when we are just busy about the house…) but it is so refreshing to have a guide like this, to go along with the story. Especially for younger kids I think!  The With Lee in Virginia study guide is 30 pages of questions, with some assignments too.  It includes biographies of G.A. Henty, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, a map of the famous cities and battlefields within the story, suggestions for additional readings, and two Bible Studies–one on Duty and one on Loving Your Enemy.  And each track has its own set of material which includes: three sections.



1) Listening Well: These questions are meant to ensure that the details being heard in the story are being understood; great test of comprehension, and a good way to encourage a bit of narration for any of you Charlotte Mason homeschoolers 🙂

2)Thinking Further: These questions encourage our students to apply the lessons within the story in various ways. A great way to go deeper; to explore specific items within the story and really encourage critical thinking in those older ones.

3)Defining Words: This is great for vocabulary since, for my boys, there were lots of words for them to learn within the story.

The Bible studies provided involve a number of Bible verses which relate to the area of discussion. What an excellent way to show His Word within this great story. Jesus at the center of it all.

The last section covers a bit more in depth of a discussion of discussion of sectionalism and slavery within the Bible.



This is an answer to prayer really! And with the super hot days that we have been having, it has been a great way to spend our time indoors! We played this one a couple times; mostly at the request of my two boys. We have not done much regarding the Civil War yet, but my husband has had an affinity for Robert E Lee since he was young and has passed that on to my son, I think (we have a couple books on him in the house).  My oldest son was fascinated by Stonewall Jackson.


Our first time listening there were lots of questions, mostly about the vocabulary used, so we frequently replayed tracks to make sure we didn’t miss any big or small details. The second time around we paid much closer attention, and kept the study guide handy.  It really helped to have it there too (I wish I would have used it when we listened the first time) as a tool for questions as they came up.


In short time Vincent and Tony were like old friends we felt so akin to them. There were some rather graphic moments, there were some sensitive topics (slaves – people treated as property) which caused some distress to my oldest son. But this such a good way to gently discuss this topic in a way that was easier for them to understand. As I said, we have not studied much of this time period yet.


I tell you, every detail in this story, we could close our eyes, and see it. As if we were there ourselves, in the moment! Take a listen to this 3 minute preview on the website!! I promise you will be hooked! I have always enjoyed history but so much more as much when I am able to close my eyes and be transported right into it!


My oldest loves the poster that we received with this; what a great quote too from Robert E Lee:   “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, You should never wish to do less.”  We are framing this to hang in his room ~ Such wise and inspiring words!


We truly do love Heirloom Audio Productions!  I have yet to find any other that truly strives to bring history to life as they do. Their stories are adaptations of G.A. Henty’s novels but this is so much more than just a story. There is a passion there within every one of those involved in the production of these audio dramas. They do their research, and they provide the highest quality while also maintaining excellent standards of Christian virtue. Their stories are an example, an inspiration, to our youth, of the Christian faith in action. 🙂

A big thank you to Heirloom Audio Productions! We cannot wait for what’s coming next 🙂


With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review


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