Favorite Childhood Book ~

I loved to read when I was growing up? Can you imagine that? LOL


I still love to read, although its harder to find time. But I make sure I have some time each day to read a bit of something (not including my Bible) because frankly, I just love to read.


I remember when I was young, I had so many books! And I loved to pile up a bunch of them and just find a cozy spot to settle into. I could read all day. And really, it was an experience for me. I was there with Alice in Wonderland, I was trying to escape being in the middle of the Civil War in Atlanta with Scarlett; I travelled and lived through the characters and times.  Such fun!


My favorite though? I had so many.


Of the top of my head though I have to say:



Especially Jo! She as by far my favorite character of all!  How I admired her strength, her tenacity, her passion.  And still do 🙂



What was your favorite childhood book?


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