Our Haustiers

In German Haustiers means pets.  Today I should introduce you to our pets.
My kids all love animals! But we have a rather small, let’s call it cozy instead, house. So of course we cannot have nearly the number of pets that are children would like.
This is our English bulldog Moses. We got him for our oldest son for Christmas as a baby pup. He was so tiny! And now he is so big and I guess at almost 7 years old he is considered an old dog. 


We also have two lizards. One is a leopard gecko and the other is a crested gecko tank, truly I cannot remember. Our boys absolutely love these little guys! One for now, is named Iron Lizzie and the other one Freezey. But my oldest son is thinking about calling him Turtle instead Lol

So these are our little guys and are not so little doggie. Any furry or scaly friends and your house?


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