Patterns of Evidence: Exodus ~ Review

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved archeology. I find it beautiful how history can come alive in this way. Since having my eyes opened to the truth of the Word of God and being made new, I have an even greater appreciation for this. As one who believes, I love to be able to show others, actual tangible, truth that confirms all that the Bible has to say historically. 🙂


So I happily jumped n the bandwagon to review  Tim Mahoney’s documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.  In the 119 minutes that makes up this documentary, Mahoney shares evidence supporting the events, as we read them, of the Book of Exodus.  He gives confirmation of so many details written.


Sadly there are many out there today, scholars, leaders in the so-called faith, who even consider the events written to be stories of old. There are not enough men and women who    love the Word of God but somehow do not truly believe it. Every word of God is pure. His Word is truth and only the truth, all of it, sets us free.


That said, this was such an inspiring and engaging documentary  Even my son, almost 10, was mesmerized by this one. Can they prove there was an Exodus? Mahoney freely states that he is not a scientist, yet his study is that of one.  He is diligent and detailed in his studies.




“You never know where a crisis of faith will lead you”


Many say there is no proof but they set out to show how amazingly true the Exodus really is! This is a scientific investigation; this shows true evidence of the Israelites time in Egypt. Again and again they show the connection between the Bible and the sources that can only prove this truly did take place. Full of interviews with well known archaeologists and theologians; scientists and researchers; there are even political figures interviewed for this!   Searching through the patterns in history, theology and science to determine proof of the Exodus event as recorded.


  • The city of Avaris, which is being excavated under the city of Rameses, which was built over it
  • The Waterway of Joseph
  • An Egyptian papyrus recounting events which closely resemble the 10 plagues
  • Evidence of Foreign Peoples Residing There







You will have to make your own decision in the end. I for one have no doubt that every word written within the Bible is truth. But regardless of what you know or believe this will amaze you. Be sure to see this one!


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