Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set ~ A Schoolhouse Review

I cannot believe my daughter turns 4 next Saturday! That said she has started requesting her own “school” as of late. We never purchased a preschool curriculum honestly. My two boys never really needed one; we kind of unschooled our way through preschool and kindergarten with both of them I think. But when I saw the opportunity to review the Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set from Alpha Omega Publications I got a bit excited really!  And what a blessing it is!  We received the full set, which includes: 2 Teachers Manuals, 2 Student Workbooks, a resource packet, and an audio cd. 🙂 





I love that this was her idea! My little girl growing up ~ How she loves having her own “work” each day now just like her big brothers. And the joy she gets from being able to pick out activities here and there ~ A love of learning being born!



This program contains 180 lessons which teach from the Bible as well as language arts, science, math, life skills, social studies and all that is in between! This really is an all-in-one program to cover Pre-Kindergarten. This is very in-depth too! This was such a pleasant surprise; I had no idea this would be so much!


Here are the materials that are a part of this amazing program:

  • Student Workbooks – consumable worksheet activities in two books.
  • Teacher’s Guide – 180 lesson plans in two books
  • Preschool Resource Packet – full color teaching aids including:
    • Memory Verse
    • Alphabet Puzzle
    • Flashcards for  Letters, Numbers 1-12, Colors, Shapes, Time, Seasons, and Months
  • Preschool Sing Along Music CD

I went ahead and placed all of this into a handy three ring binder right away when it arrived 🙂


The teacher’s manuals are FULL of resources and tools. Bible Stories, poems, science, arts & crafts, nature study, recipes too. The pages in the workbooks are full color, and have such a great range of activities within them from language to life skills to virtue training and fine/gross motor activities.


This does require a bit of teacher prep; there is material for each lesson to read and review. Since there is so much to each day too, we had to really narrow down what to do each day.  If only there was enough time to do them all!  But this is all SO Organized it really isn’t impossible to do (even for me with a new baby!).  In fact I do appreciate how the Scope & Sequence is so nicely laid out in the teacher’s guide. We have not jumped around a lot ourselves but really, we may since one section has ribbon dancing (my daughter loves to dance), another teaches about fire safety, then there is the astronomy portion with stars and the moon (my oldest is doing astronomy a bit this fall) and lots of ball activities too!  I can see so much potential and so many ways for her to learn AND have fun at the same time too.  Since we try to teach in a way that inspires a love of learning, this is an excellent way to do just that.


There are scheduling suggestions provided for both a half day and all day. In fact, I am thinking of using this with our co-op this fall. A list of media resources is provided, as well as internet links for use, reading resources and a story time list. There is a supply list provided also which is, mostly, items that all of us homeschool mommas probably have plenty of.  But it also includes a list of usable items to save like egg cartons, and clear lids from coffee cans, small jars with lids and berry baskets. I don’t often think of these things so I was glad to have that list (its on our fridge door now too as a reminder).


I like that every 1st, 3rd, and 5th day there is new material introduced and then days 2 and 4 are mostly for review.  For example, Lesson 1 begins with the letter A.  They are told to trace the letters A and a with their finger (we had her trace them since she wanted to write for real haha) and then she looked for all the “a’s” that were in the words listed.  There were also matching activities; drawing lines to the things that are the same and then cutting out numbers and pasting them into the correct box. Very simple while at the same time exercising a variety of skills too! The pages can be removed, they are perforated, and


The Teacher’s Guide is just as full of good stuff!! Again, to use Lesson 1 as an example, it begins with reading Genesis 1:1.  There is a lesson laid out for you too, if you choose to use it, discussing the value of Fathers and how God is our Father too! There is then a small picture of the world to gift to them, showing the value of the world, as a gift to us, from God. Maps are great at this point, to show them the world, a picture of His creation work, that we are so blessed He shares with us. There are questions provided to encourage discussion, like: Why do you love your daddy?  There are also videos recommended, from the Character Builder Series, and action activities (anyone else remember the Three Little Ducks…How fun right?). Songs are included, activities with numbers using a calendar or sidewalk chalk or even drawing in shaving cream, letters and numbers too.  There are recipes in here for play dough, and making clay. There is even an activity for learning how Braille works and getting to use it a bit. How fun!


I have to be honest with you, the CD that thats a part of this curriculum is not my personal favorite music CD, but my kids didn’t mind it.  At least my daughter liked having her very own music CD.  The teachers guide lets you know which tracks to play for the day, but we just played it periodically through our day.  Especially when I needed to wind them down a bit this is a pretty mellow collection of songs.


The downside of this curriculum (also the up side), for me, is that there is just so much there. And I struggle with wanting to do every activity in this program.  It’s all so much fun! So I suppose this is good exercise for me, in self control and decision making?  We used this 3-4 days per week typically. But this is a very flexible program and like I said, there is so much more there than I could have imagined when I signed up to review it! Definitely look into this if you want a preschool program for your little ones. This is such a rich program, we are quite blessed to have this in our collection, and we will definitely be continuing this one, at our pace, relaxed homeschool preschool fun!



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