Think Ourself Happy

I hear my son sometimes walking through the house saying I think myself happy, I think myself happy. 
How true is that really?  
I mean, it’s been a rough couple of days here in our house. There is excitement brewing as the day has come near her to when we pick up our new exchange daughter from Norway for the year. There is planning for the co-op that I am putting together for a few families in our church. And then there is just the keeping of the home in general 😁 

I would be lying if I said that I was always happy. Some days I really struggle to count the blessings that are around me. I strive to remember that all of these dirty dishes show that we have enough and that the endless laundry, it seems that way anyway, is His provision for all of us.  The books and papers And crayons and markers strewn about the house and covering the counters all just another example of how God has provided for us.

I don’t want to complain or grumble. I do not want to be I’m grateful for all that the Lord has provided. In fact I read somewhere not too long ago that when we are grumbling and complaining about our situation, the big and the small, it shows our lack of faith. Which shows how immature we really are in our life.  And when we do this we give a poor example to those were lost of what it means to be found.
We need to think ourselves happy. No matter how hard it maybe. When we have an endless to do list before us, when There are sick or impatient or just angry fighting children, when I am tired and feel like I just cannot go on….. I must think myself happy.
I want others to see Jesus in me, I want others to see me and to want what I have. For the hope that God has given me, the grace and the love, the Mercy and the patients, I want others to see all of this overflowing in my life.
In every situation no matter how great it or how small I need to consider my actions and my words….do they showed Jesus in me?


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