Back to School Blues. 

It’s that time of the year again. You know the time mama. If you homeschool like our family maybe you feel the same way I do.
I hear all the moms doing the countdowns, they say they can’t wait until they are free and they have her meet time once again.
There children hear this. But it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Why is that?

I understand the desire to get away, I really do. On our best days and on our worst days there are moments when I just have to sneak away to get a couple minutes for me. To read a little bit in my Bible or in one of the books that is sent to me by some sweet friends that are a part of the traveling book club I belong to.  Sometimes I just need to sneak away so I can breathe and just rest in the silence.

But I cannot on my worst day imagine celebrating that my children are going to be away from me for five days a week 6+ hours every day. I cannot feel joy that might influence is going to be pushed aside just a bit because of peers and teachers who suddenly have a greater authority in their eyes and their mama. I would dread having to teach them the value of the word of God especially when everything else they are learning while away is shouting the exact opposite at them!

I think of how in the Bible Jesus says render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render on to God that which is gods how in the Bible Jesus says render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render onto god that which is God’s.  

To who do we think our children belong to? Do they belong to our government? The system that is so corrupt, deceitful and immoral?  Do they belong to strangers who we do not know? Who we are not allowed to question?

These are our children. These are gods children, his creation. Created in his image meant to worship and praise and love and to glorify him alone. We are commanded mama to teach our children diligently, as we walk and as we lie down, when we rise up. In every thing that we do we are to show our children Jesus at the center of it all. How can our children see our Lord and Savior in the center of all things if the majority of their time is spent not seeing him at all?

We can do this mom. Together we can! Maybe it’s not easy, maybe it does take away a lot of that me time you love so and maybe we spend a lot of time on our knees in prayer. Isn’t that what matters most of all though? 

I think it was CS Spurgeon  Who said not to be grateful for anything that causes us to pray.

You may spend some days on your knees in tears but there will be other days that are so full of joy and love. It will all be worth it I promise, and if you still doubt that you can or that you should, take a good hard look at that little face before you.
In the wise words of Charlotte Mason, “I can, I will, I ought.”


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