What Shall We Do? 

We live in a small house. Actually my husband calls it’s small, I prefer to say it’s nice and cozy.

Either way is a homeschool mom to four sweet ones ranging in age from four months to nine years old, I am sure you can imagine. It’s organized chaos most days ha ha
Yet some days I admit it’s a struggle to really be grateful for everything that we have. Especially when it’s filling every countertop and corner, table top underneath the table….. You get the idea right?
And I admit, I have those days. When I wish our house was bigger, when I wish we had more room. I have those moments when I see that perfectly organized, neat  and tidy house on my computer screen where I can tend to not be as grateful as I ought to be. 

I want to be diligent in my home. I want to be gracious in all things, every day.
I think of Proverbs 31 and how daunting it can be as a woman.  I mean how can I possibly compare right?
Then again how can I not have a good spirit, a positive attitude when it comes to keeping my home. After all it is full of the blessings that the Lord has given to myself and my family. It’s all in our perspective 😄
As we read through proverbs 31 I think we need to remember that she did not do all that we read of in one day. These were the seasons of her life. As a mama with little children right now I am home more often caring for my little ones, training them up, instilling his word in their hearts and minds. Right now I am preparing meals, cleaning  The home, managing all that we have. I am changing diapers, nursing a baby, reading stories and singing songs, going on walks and bike rides outdoors.
As my children get older I realize that the season I am in will change. I will have more time to myself to tend the garden and perhaps begin canning and preserving foods. I will have more time to sit and so were crochet. I should have more time to read and enjoy fine arts and theater once again perhaps.
Regardless of what season we are in though we Ohta be eager to work, whatever that work maybe. We are not to pay such attention and care so deeply for every detail from feeding our family to cleaning our home.
Certainly our work is never ending. There’s always laundry to be done, always meals to be made and someone who needs a snuggle or a Band-Aid.

Now is not the time for us to be selfish and stressed out but it is the time for us to choose to be self less, the time for us to think ourselves happy 😄
I pray every day that he can come to the tasks set before me with an eagerness and a grateful spirit in Jesus name!
Let us thank the Lord for all that laundry it is what clothes us.
 Let us thank the Lord for those dirty dishes and crumbs all over the house for this is our daily bread which keeps us healthy and strong.
Those messy rooms, sheets and towels all over the floor? Thank you Jesus for a warm home, for clean water, for space to live.
Those bills that we have, let us thank him because they provide for us the light that we need, the ability to communicate with loved ones far away.

For all the groceries, all the books and videos that Phil are home and I thought of as clutter about the house let us thank the Lord for tools that help us to learn and grow in his word and in his creation. Especially for those things we are blessed with by others too.
Let us learn together when we find ourselves in that place we are struggling to have a gracious spirit, to think on those things that are pleasing to the Lord, to count our blessings every one of them. And what a fresh Joy if she’ll bring to our home and our family.

Can I get an amen?


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