Whistlefritz Spanish Fun for Kids


My oldest son is almost 10 and he loves learning different languages.
He started with Chinese about two years ago when we were hosting a boy from China. Since then he has learned how to write some Chinese characters and speak the language of it too.

This summer we had a sweet girl stay with us from Spain and this made him decide he wanted to learn Spanish too. At that same time a wonderful company blessed us with a collection of materials for learning Spanish specifically for children ages 1 to 7.

We received  five DVDs and two CDs full of songs, lyrics and translations. This even came with a parent/teacher translation guide to help mama learn too!  

Since the only language I can really speak somewhat fluently is German, this mama was ever so appreciative of the big book of Spanish lesson plan that came as a part of the set.

Lesson one for example was “who am I?” It was so easy, laying out the goal and objective right away. The vocabulary words to be learned are all listed in English and in Spanish as well as a list of materials for a fun craft. My little ones especially love making things 😄

For about a half an hour each day we would sit together and learn Spanish.  Even though I know absolutely zero Spanish this program made it fun and easy for me to help all three of my little ones learn from my youngest who is three to my oldest who is nine. 
The lessons ranged in topic from colors two numbers. Even mathematical concepts and exercises in sorting. My oldest son enjoyed making a collage to describe the names of different shapes and colors in Spanish.

 One lesson discussed “where I live” and my son drew the picture above the show where he lives. In this lesson they learned how to identify the names of places where people live and where they live with flashcards that we colored in and laminated.

There were also sequencing cards, these were used to help teach seasons and activities and some storytelling too. My five-year-old son loved this one. We would mix up the cards so he could order them and then tell us the story in his own words using as much Spanish as he could. 

My three-year-old daughter loves to sing so she really enjoyed the CD that was full of Spanish learning songs. While she can’t read it did include a book full of vocabulary words and the lyrics to each song along with the translation.  This is a wonderful way for the younger ones to learn a foreign language!

Especially for children games are an excellent way to learn! We have a cabinet full of games that help our kids to learn geography and history and languages too. We had lots of fun with this memory game (especially since mom could never seem to remember where any card was ha ha) but my boys especially excelled at this one. As they would flip over each card they would say the word in Spanish, there is a cute picture on each one to help if you don’t know what the words for, and whoever had the most cards in the end why. I think it was my five-year-old almost every time!

It sure isn’t easy learning another language, but it certainly doesn’t have to be hard either.  With this program I have to say I found it easy even for myself to quickly learn basic Spanish. And how funny is it when we get to learn something with our kids?  I firmly believe that languages are a great way to exercise the mind and an even better way to really learn about the world that we live in.  


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