You go Where you Focus

“The Christian or was it to the world to be supernaturally joyful.” says     A W Tozer. 

We are told in the word of God if we seek first the kingdom of God all else shall follow. 

So if God is good all the time, if we really believe that, then when we focus on him we shall be changed to be more and more like him. If that happens then we should show that supernatural joy that it is said we owe to the world, right?
It’s all about where I focus is.  My son just learned how to ride A two wheeler. He fell a couple times, he lost his balance and you ran into things once or twice when he wasn’t watching where he was going.
So it is with us, in all things, if we do not keep our eyes focused on where we are going we will stumble and we will fall. That’s not to say that if we are truly focused we will never fall but it will be much easier to get up when we keep our eyes on the one that really matters.  
No matter the struggles we go through whether it be in our marriage, day to day life as a momma, work or play  we must strive to keep our eyes on Jesus. Focus on him and then no matter what storm comes our way we will have that peace within knowing that we are in the hands of the one who controls the storm itself.
None of us have a perfect marriage, none of us are the perfect parent. But we know the One who is perfect. Our creator, our Savior, our Lord. The only one that matters.  



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