I have been reading a lot this year mostly about our need for joy and peace, with the hopes of becoming a more joyful and peaceful mom and wife.

I never realized before now how powerful the word becoming is. I mean if you think about when we say have you come in we are talking about an action. A change. Something is happening, big or small.
Which makes me wonder what I am becoming. Am I becoming a more godly wife and mother? Am I the coming unless godly wife and mother?
 I realize I can only do this if I have joy and peace within me. And this can only be done when I have time spent with the Lord. Time, and listen for his voice. Time to read worship and praying. Not rushed need prayer but one that is slow and sincere, one that takes the time to find the words.
I often think of that proverbs 31 woman and wish that I could be more like her. Then it hits me, I am becoming like her. But those words were not written by her, rather they were written of her. Others perceptions through time. Maybe I admire her today more than I want stead. Perhaps my perception has changed and I now see the many qualities that we read of that relate to her, as goals and ideals. Not at all a list of the rules or do’s and don’t’s.

If we do this life properly according to his well we are all becoming more and more like him every day. If we are truly living God we need to become, we need to change. Things will be shaken, flash will rise up and we will have to beat it down again and again. Yet each time we do we will become stronger we will have more of him and less of ourselves.  
I say this to remind myself that when those hard days come, when I feel like I just can’t, He can. And when I get it out-of-the-way and let Jesus take over, when I simply follow him, great things happen ! 



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