What is my best self?

I recently stumbled across a really amazing and totally free online course called The 4 Essential Habits of Healthy Families.




We all want the best for our family is right? Of course in this information age we are often overloaded, torn in so many different directions … we wind up never really doing anything. At least I have to admit that happens to me now and then.


I was definitely intrigued when I saw that habit number one was entitled “How to Nurture Your Best Self” (and bust the productivity myth).   Right away I was inspired and encouraged to reconsider how I define health and why balance and self-care so important.


The point was made immediately that health is more than just not having a disease but it’s overall health: physically, spiritually, emotionally. Are we really living a life that is balanced and full of meaning?

Again and again I heard it said that only with balance and self-care can we really enjoy life and be truly healthy.  It is so important for us to not worry, which of course reminded me of how Jesus tells us to cast ALL of our burdens upon him.
Are we getting enough sleep? I know I am not. With a four-month-old baby who doesn’t sleep through the night this is probably my biggest challenge to overall health and balance in my life right now.
Did you know that Einstein was so bad at school his family wanted him to become a plumber so he could support himself? Supposedly his entire scientific career was a meditation on that.
Crazy right?
But we do need to get better sleep, not just because we like sleep, but it’s about the bigger picture. It was mentioned that in the summer months if we just go out early in the morning we can set our circadian rhythm, which will then help tell our bodies it is morning and in time our body will recognize night in the darkness.

There was a recommendation to us light filtering softwares for watching TV or working on electronic devices in the evening.  I was not aware of such a thing but am definitely going to look into this more myself!
The use of magnesium oil and Epson salt baths. It is said this counteracts the effects of stress and helps with the production of melatonin. These are important !
What about self-examination? Even the Bible talks about how we need to examine ourselves daily, search our hearts and our minds to route out those things that will only destroy us.
There is a five minute journal I read about, that helps us to see where we need balance. Every day in the morning, you write three things you’re thankful for and what would make your day a great one. Then at the end of the day you look back and reflect on the amazing things that happened, the things that didn’t happen, and how the day could’ve been better. It sounds like a great way to help see the bigger picture and prioritize a bit more clearly.


We all know how important it is to build rest into our daily lives. I mean, even God took the seventh day to rest. And really if we are living according to the Word of God we are commanded to take that day to rest.
If you are like me though you feel like the list of things to do never ends and so when you do sit down to relax you feel SO guilty. But I have to say,  the more I reviewed this one course, there more I realized that while my work may never be done I do need to take the time for relaxation myself.  To balance and rest; to energize and reflect.  I need to find that balance in my life.
What about you? If you’re struggling with some of these things just like I am, do check out this free course. I mean, it’s free, so what do you have to lose?


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