What Goes Out? 

I was reading the other morning how Jesus knew, immediately, that virtue going out of him while he was surrounded by people seeking his touch. He just knew virtue had gone out of him.

Power is the main translation of virtue, implying a strength or power, and ability. It is said that virtue is a power residing in something or someone in our case. It is a power for performing miracles and a moral power and in excellence of soul.
So virtue is power, moral strength, integrity.
This was what went out of Jesus every time someone touched him or even the hem of his garment. When he healed them or raised them up from the dead, it was the virtue in him that made that happen.
And now I wonder does virtue go out of me? When someone sees me or precious passed me, when I touch someone’s hand or shoulder has that virtue gone out of me as well?
We ought to know…..


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